Zurich North America teams up with strong content specialists for an impactful always-on strategy, reaching potential and current customers with audience targeting

By: Unified

“LinkedIn makes it easy for us to assemble the tools needed for a successful content marketing campaign – building trust with our customers throughout the entire decision journey.”

- Monu Kalsi VP, Digital Marketing Zurich North America

Creating long-term conversations

Creating and sharing a steady stream of quality content is a challenge for most brands – but especially for very large companies like insurance provider Zurich North America, with many lines of business and key audiences.

“We needed to have a sustained conversation with our audiences, and move them along the funnel to purchase,” says Monu Kalsi, VP of Digital Marketing at Zurich. “Creating these conversations required focused resources to develop a strategy, build out the content, and find the right vehicles for getting the content out to potential and current customers.”


  • Build relationships with potential customers throughout entire decision journey
  • Manage development and distribution of content for different audiences
  • Respond promptly to customers’ changing content needs


  • Sponsored Updates and robust content marketing campaign
  • Strong collaboration with content marketing specialists to manage workflows


  • Engagement rates 64% higher than LinkedIn benchmarks
  • Clickthrough rate 69% over LinkedIn benchmarks
  • 73% increase in engagement rate and clickthrough rate

Collaboration brings strategy to Sponsored Updates campaign

Zurich executed a robust content marketing plan with LinkedIn and its content partners: marketing platform developer Percolate and social optimization company Unified.

“It has been a multi-pronged approach which involves working with our social media team, media vendors, and looping in LinkedIn and Unified teams. To layer on top of that, recently we started working with Percolate on this collaboration, which has help enhance our content abilities and streamlined our workflow process,” says Kalsi.

Together, Zurich outlined a strategy using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to share blog posts and thought-leadership articles on its key content pillars with LinkedIn members in the construction, auto, and real estate industries.

Targeted content drives higher engagement and clickthroughs

“Our collaborators helped us implement an ‘always-on’ strategy, where our customers get to know us as an ongoing and trusted source of ideas and advice about their businesses,” says Kalsi. “That meant having the agility to respond to our customers’ changing content interests, while establishing careful processes for developing and approving content.”

Sponsored Updates played a key role in Zurich’s “alwayson” program, allowing Zurich to reach audiences and gain deeper understanding into the updates that drive the most engagement. “This tool has unique capabilities that allow us to reach our target audience around specific content topics,” says Kalsi.

During the campaign, Zurich saw engagement rates 64% higher than LinkedIn benchmarks, and clickthrough rates 69% over LinkedIn benchmarks. Strong engagement helped build trust in the Zurich brand: “We’re giving people information that helps them make better decisions,” Kalsi says. “It’s all about creating content that’s best for your audience, and finding the audience that will get the most benefit from that content.

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