Using Cost Savings To Convert Facebook Users Was Seamless For This Rapidly Expanding Grocer

By: Unified


Price and value—the yin and yang of successfully acquiring and keeping new customers, is especially important within the retail industry. In fact, 56.0% of shoppers in North America point to discovering good value for their money as highly influential in choosing a retailer, and 54.0% cite whether or not the store has great sales as important. Not only this, but with a staggering amount of consumers in North America willing to use or already using digital coupons, it’s critical for retailers to leverage digital media to usher customers down the purchase path. So how does a grocer identify potential customers, provide value and inspire in-store traffic? This was a challenge faced by marketers at a successful Grocery Brand, who leveraged Unified experts and software to find new customers on Facebook.


While supermarkets tend to be economy-proof in theory, an increase in demand for convenience and price cuts have increased substantially in recent years.

In this case, The Brand sought to achieve two goals: concentrate efforts on finding new customers, and create interest for signing up for an online account with coupons and features that make shopping at their store more convenient.

Working with Unified, The Brand developed and deployed the following strategy:


Since the emphasis was on acquiring new customers, The Brand uploaded their CRM list of current account holders to Facebook to accomplish a couple things. First, to ensure they wouldn’t spend budget dollars on users that were already active shoppers of the store, and second, find users that resemble their core customer.


The trend of using mobile phones while shopping is a growing one. This is especially true with millennials, where 70% shop while accessing their smartphones. As a result, The Brand ensured that the majority of their placements were mobile, so they can gain visibility with shoppers no matter where they were at any given moment. Additionally with the Unified platform, marketers was able to easily create screenshots of all their mobile placements with a few clicks for easy comparison, and use a post swapper to replace lagging creative in a fraction of the time.


To entice the user to click through to the website, all messaging was centered around weekly coupons. Furthermore, once a customer clicked through to sign up, the benefits were listed in five clear bullets which reiterated savings along with easy online ordering, recipes and more. This served to create a consistent and powerful message that appealed to crucial factors for the majority of shoppers.



Better CPA Compared To Benchmark.


Conversion Rate


In this case, The Grocer was able to successfully convert consumers by appealing for their need for value and savings. Furthermore, by using their CRM lists as a means to suppress existing customers to reach brand new shoppers regardless of whether they were on the go via mobile placements. As a result, the Unified Platform helped marketers optimize their use of Facebook to drive online traffic to their website, and consequently offline traffic to stores.

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