Unified Helps Financial Services Client Save Big on Social

By: Unified

After a major merger, a leading financial services client wanted to change up their advertising goals. Formerly, the company had been focused on awareness-driven metrics, but with the merger and resulting rebrand, the new entity wanted to use social to drive new customer acquisition. More specifically, they were looking to increase site traffic to two specific services pages, money market and checking accounts.

Innovative targeting approach ensured a high quality audience, achieving site traffic goal with 47% less spend

As a long-standing partner, Unified’s strategy and managed services teams worked hand in hand to develop and execute a targeted social advertising strategy designed to convert customers. Utilizing advanced audience insights and data, the team was able to identify specific criteria that helped better qualify audiences, ensuring that the right advertising was reaching the right audience at the right time. Furthermore, the team leveraged Unified’s proprietary technology and platform to run the campaign, ensuring improved efficiency and accuracy of spend.

Unified’s innovative targeting strategy and campaign delivery optimized the client’s spend and performance, decreasing cost per result by 24 percent and enabling the client to reduce their media spend by 47 percent. Overall, the company saw a 15 percent increase in registration completion with half of the cost per result and half of the budget.

Strategy and expertise optimized performance, helping to decrease cost per results by 24%

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