Unified Powers Brand's Unique Emoji Campaign And Exceeds KPIs By 35.4%

By: Unified


The fast-paced and competitive environment on Twitter made it imperative that The Brand find a new and interesting way to stay relevant in valuable conversations. To achieve this, marketers wanted to test emoji targeting. However, they couldn’t execute the campaign through the native tools, and needed to ensure they had complete transparency between the brand and agency teams.


In addition to testing emoji targeting, marketers wanted to create awareness for both the brand overall as well as the release of a new car. The fact that 79.0% of US smartphone owners use emojis gave The Brand the flexibility to focus on 20 specific emojis, from a grinning smiley face to coffee cups, and feature them within the creative. Additionally, using personalized emojis highlighted the Brand’s vision for the car, because it speaks to its versatility and ability to connect with a myriad of people and emotions.


The Brand leveraged three features in the Unified Platform to achieve their goals.

  • GOAL:

    • Eliminate insufficient campaign execution and communication between the brand and agency teams.

    • With Partner Connector, all teams accessed the same campaign data, eliminated silos, communication errors, and inconsistent analysis
  • GOAL:

    • Ensure transparency into real-time campaign data to keep on top of opportunities that arise during the course of the flight.

    • The Pacing Dashboard enabled teams to view and analyze real-time campaign, ad account, ad group, and creative data, for over 80 line items. Paid Intelligence allowed marketers to collect results weeks sooner, so that executives could make important decisions about social investments quickly.

Although this campaign couldn’t run through Twitter’s native tool, marketers leveraged the Unified Platform to ensure all parties were on the same page and deliver intelligence approximately 2 weeks earlier than average.



fewer for executives to receive final report with Unified’s Paid Intelligence than industry average of 2 weeks.

80+ ADS

managed in real-time with the Pacing Dashboard.


lower CPM than keyword targeting by using the Optimizer.


higher view rate than keyword targeting by leveraging the Pacing Dashboard and Optimizer


of the campaign in a top advertising magazine due to its innovation and success.

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