Unified Drives In-Store Visits for Coffee Chain with Unique ‘Heart to Remind’ Campaign

By: Unified

Pain Points

Prior to executing the Heart to Remind campaign with Unified, this Quick Service Restaurant brand had experienced some problems when it came to running reminder campaigns on Twitter:

Low opt-in rates

Users didn’t want to retweet or have a branded message displayed on their profile.

Launch delays

The brand learned from its previous experience with Retweet to Remind that there can be reduced support from platforms on the weekend, and decided to activate on weekdays for a more seamless launch on Heart to Remind.

Case Study

This global brand wanted to increase in-store traffic and improve performance on its previous Retweet to Remind campaign by running a Heart to Remind campaign instead. Unified predicted this approach would feel less invasive to users, and would therefore lead to more opt-ins and better performance.

The Campaign

This brand’s annual Holiday Share Event welcomes their customers into stores to enjoy a few moments away from technology and remember what the holidays are really about – spending time with friends and family.

The campaign’s ultimate goal was to drive customers in-store during the holidays and bring a friend with them to take advantage of a special Buy One Get One Free offer. Users who saw the brand’s ads were prompted to favorite the tweet, which would opt them in to receiving a reminder tweet when the BOGO offer was going to take effect.

The Setup

Unified worked closely with the Twitter team to navigate what can be a complicated technical pathway to launch.

Ads were targeted at groups that were likely to value messaging around unplugging and togetherness, including cord cutters, Meetup members, and book club participants.

The Intelligence

The brand leveraged 2 key features in the Unified platform to achieve their goals:

  • GOAL:

    Track number of favorites and opt-ins in real-time


    The Pacing Dashboard enabled teams to see in real-time how the campaign was performing and give the brand an indication of how many reminders would be sent. Therefore an estimate of how many in-store visits they could expect from this campaign alone.

  • GOAL:

    Eliminate wasted time spent reporting on and optimizing the campaign.


    Line Item Details enabled teams to view and analyze data for all campaigns, ad accounts, ad groups, and creative, allowing marketers to act on ad hoc opportunities.

    The Optimizer automatically moved budget to the highest performing ads in real-time.

For technical reasons, Twitter limits the number of reminder messages that can be sent out at any one time. Because the number of opt-ins on this campaign had dramatically outperformed expectations, there was a risk that not all reminder tweets would serve to users. As a workaround, Unified and the brand collaborated to adjust the times that the promotion would go into effect, so that all reminder tweets would be served and potential uptake would be maximized.

By changing gears from a Retweet to Remind message to a Heart to Remind approach, the brand saw better performance and lower cost-per-opt-ins than it had on its previous Retweet to Remind campaign.


After a 5 day flight, the brand saw:


spent efficiently with the help of the Unified Platform.


added in incremental spend due to the strong campaign performance.


lower CPM than keyword targeting by using the Optimizer.


as an average CPE.


as an average CPM.

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