A Prominent TV Network Proved Love Wins 85.8% More Engagement With This Dating-Focused Pinterest Campaign

By: Unified


In the past five years, 18 to 24-year-olds have migrated 40.0% of traditional TV viewing time to other activities, including social media—causing network TV to protect its business by shifting strategies(1). In fact, three major TV networks have actually been generating growing revenue by adapting to the new advertising landscape(2).

Rather than considering social media a direct competitor, some networks have been using its large reach and extensive targeting flexibility to drive more viewership, creating successful campaigns for anything from new series premieres to finales of landmark shows.

This is the exact opportunity A Prominent TV Network wanted to capitalize on when crafting a campaign to drive interest for one of its brand-new dating shows. Considering the popularity of social media, the Network decided to run a campaign on Pinterest to draw users from the social platform to TVs. Working with Unified’s team of advertising experts, marketers used intelligence from a past campaign to create a strategy that lowered costs while raising engagement.


The Network wanted to drive hype and, ultimately, viewership, for its new reality TV show, which featured singles filmed on blind dates. Produced and narrated by two very popular celebrities, the show was expected to perform well—but only if marketers could convince consumers of the fun, unique appeal of the program. To drive engagement, marketers worked with Unified’s team to put together a three-pronged strategy:

  • Integrating Intelligence:

    • Unified’s team gathered data from a previous, similar Pinterest campaign to decide which strategies they should keep and discard. During the previous campaign, marketers switched from bidding on cost per thousand impressions (CPM) to bidding on cost per engagement (CPE), which drastically improved performance. The previous campaign also proved that the most popular Pins were those that featured celebrity appearances and targeted the celebrity’s followers. Carefully considering this past information, strategists decided to begin bidding on the CPE while targeting fans of the show’s celebrities.
  • Shooting For The Stars:

    • The Network targeted multiple premium audiences, including fans of The Network, fans of romantic shows, and those who were interested in weddings. They focused on targeting fans of the show’s executive producer and narrator, both famous celebrities who heavily promoted the show themselves.
  • Composing Crafty Creative:

    • To set this new show apart from the competition, the Pins did not feature stills from the actual program. Rather, they illustrated dating tips such as humorous charts depicting possible date scenarios. With a fresh take on advertising, the unique creative made sure their content stood out in Pinners’ feeds and attracted a lot of enthusiastic engagement.


Even though the campaign ran for only 5 days, it managed to pulverize all benchmarks to achieve the following results:


Lower Cost Per Engagement Than Benchmark.


Higher Engagement Rate Than Benchmark.


Before starting any new social media initiative, it’s important to leverage the business intelligence garnered from previous social media campaigns to improve on past performance and build better best practices.

In this case, marketers were able to adjust The Network’s campaign objective, targeting, and creative to attract the consumers most likely to find interest in their programming, engage with their posts, and tune in for the premiere.

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  2. Pew Research Center, “Network News Fact Sheet”

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