Top Auto Brand Achieves Transparency with Unified, Increasing Performance By 415.7% and Saving Nearly 2 Weeks On Reporting

By: Unified


A Top Auto Brand wanted to attract even more engagement from the bilingual Hispanic community, one of its most reliable target markets. Marketers knew they could successfully reach the group with Facebook video ads, but wanted to test various placements to beat previous benchmarks. To run this test efficiently, without consuming a lot of time and budget, The Brand needed transparency into comprehensive real-time performance across multiple ad sets, ad groups, and creative.


As with any initiative that involves more than one language, marketers needed to ensure that their creative would be relevant to this niche consumer. The Brand’s multicultural agency created short videos featuring telenovela-inspired adventures in the car model they wanted to feature, which encouraged consumers to click off-site and watch more. Additionally, marketers added humorous lines in Spanish to further confirm their relevance to both English-dominant and Spanish-dominant speakers. While marketers typically used the in-feed video placement, which delivers ads straight to consumer feeds, they wanted to test the in-stream video placement, which delivers 5-15 second ads mid-roll to people already watching videos on Facebook.


The Brand leveraged four features in the Unified Platform to solve their goals

  • GOAL:

    • Eliminate insufficient campaign execution and communication between the media agency, creative agency, and brand teams.

    • With Partner Connector, all teams accessed the same campaign data, eliminating silos, communication errors, and inconsistent analysis.
  • GOAL:

    • Access real-time campaign data to leverage opportunities as they come up, and become less dependent on wrap up reports.

    • The Pacing Dashboard enabled teams to view and analyze real-time campaign, ad account, ad group, and creative data, allowing them to capitalize on ad hoc opportunities, while the Optimizer automatically moved budget to the highest performing ads.
  • GOAL:

    • Eliminate wasted time on manual tasks, such as tracking line items, swapping out creative, creating Excel reports, etc.

    • Paid Intelligence eliminated the need for manual reports, and could be accessed on demand. The Optimizer automatically adjusted budget, removing the need to do so manually by going into individual ad sets

These features allowed marketers to easily deploy a strategic A/B test and refocus team members’ time on more valuable tasks, such as strategy.



fewer for executives to receive final report with Unified’s Paid Intelligence than industry average of 2 weeks


lower CPV with in-stream placement than in-feed placement by using the Optimizer.


added toward the end of the initiative due to success seen in reports provided by Paid Intelligence.


more 3-second views with in-stream placement than in-feed placement by using the Optimizer.


regarding the effectiveness of in-stream over in-feed placements by leveraging the Pacing Dashboard and Paid Intelligence.

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