5 Tips to Maximize Your Holiday Social Investments

Chanel Wayne

By: Chanel Wayne

Director, Strategy

As the holiday season quickly approaches, retailers across industries are preparing to generate as much as 30% of their annual revenue. Facebook alone continues to see double digit YOY growth with a large bulk of that growth occurring in Q4 . It’s undeniable that the holiday season is a key time frame for brands, their marketing budgets and associated goals. With so much riding on the season, it is important for advertisers to keep in mind some of the basics. Below you will find some not so “common” knowledge that can make or break campaigns during such a high touch timeframe.

Holiday Checklist

Holiday Checklist

1. Identify Key dates Early and plan accordingly

Just like consumers, every advertiser’s holiday calendar looks a little different. There are the obvious staples such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday but promotional dates and product launches change by brand. For proper planning and activation ensure that you and your team have visibility into the calendar to allow you all to plan accordingly and make sure that everyone is on the same page for the tentpoles throughout the holiday season.

Identify Key dates Early and plan accordingly

2. Ensure Website Updates are done early and Platform Pixels are prioritized

If planning website maintenance during the season (hopefully you are not) but if so ensure that all consumer communication teams are aware of any site updates that could affect platform tracking. Platform pixels should be prioritized to ensure that these updates minimally impact any holiday campaign activity.

Ensure Website Updates are done early and Platform Pixels are prioritized

3. Test, Learn & Adapt quickly

With heavy competition during the holiday season, it is important that you do not make the false assumption that what worked last year will work this year. While it is important to draw on learnings year over year, it is also important to continue to adapt. Due to the increased competition the marketplace can also be unpredictable for this reason it is imperative for advertisers to test different tactics to establish a winning strategy.

Test, Learn & Adapt quickly

4. Know your platform and Align with each accordingly

The days of repurposing strategies across platforms has come and gone. It is important for advertisers to be calculated and intentional when building out their approach to various channels, particularly during the holidays when there is so much noise in the market. Each impression should be thoughtful and the way to do that is to have specific objectives aligned to each platform that you choose to activate. Creative assets, audiences and budget allocation will vary based on these objectives and it means that all platforms will not make sense. Make this call as early as possible to avoid unnecessary waste.

Know your platform and Align with each accordingly

5. Keep Creative Best Practices top of mind

As mentioned previously, standing out during the holidays is mission critical. There is no better way to do this than through your creative. With a refined approach to the number of platforms that you are activating across platforms this will allow you and your creative teams to focus creative efforts and ensure each post adheres to best practices.

This includes

  1. Introduce your logo and branding early
  2. Focus on brand and/or Product storytelling
  3. Include a strong call to action

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