This Top Gaming Brand “Pwned” Facebook Audiences With A Very Creative Use Of Canvas Ads

By: Unified


The video game industry is undoubtedly a lucrative one, with gamers in over 60.0% of U.S. households, and sales that have grown by more than 126.0% in the past decade. However, with more than 650 games released in any given year, marketers must take additional strides to cut through the competition to win over wallets. This was the challenge for a Top Gaming Brand releasing a new shooter game, who chose Unified’s team of social marketing experts to help craft a winning strategy involving Facebook’s innovative new Canvas ads.


With the shooter game genre taking up a quarter of all best-selling games, The Brand needed to entice potential customers by immersing users in the story—a factor that only comes in second to price for purchase consideration for games. With a laser focus on generating as much awareness as possible for a spring launch, marketers relied on the Unified Platform to deploy the following strategy on the world’s largest social network.


In it’s usual knack for innovation, Facebook released Canvas ads earlier this year, which not only completely submerges mobile users in a brand’s content, but also creates interactivity with various movements of the phone. As an early adopter, The Gaming Brand experimented with different combinations of videos, photos and links to piece together an engaging story that took up 100% of the user’s screen, ensuring maximum attention.


With such a potentially dynamic ad unit, marketers opted for several combinations of creative with video front and center. Referencing the creators who’ve made other successful games, The Brand was able to introduce the game’s heroes, villains and premise in full color to further demonstrate the high-level graphics. At any point during the flight, marketers could easily go into the Unified Platform to run intelligence on their creative, even playing video content within the system.


Largely due to their desire to reach a mass, yet highly quality audience, The Brand opted to create 7 distinct ad sets which were aimed at males age 18-44 who have shown interest in specific shows, competing games and remedy entertainment. Furthermore, the Unified platform was able to apply an additional layer of optimization to ensure that the most effective ads were most prominent to the most tuned-in audience.


40 Seconds

Average Duration of Canvas Viewed.


Of Canvas Ad Viewed On Average

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