This Leading OTC Brand Used Facebook Pixels To Turn A Heart Healthy Plea Into Cold Hard Conversions

By: Unified


How does one, especially a brand, turn a negative like the fact that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and make something positive happen? While today’s consumers take a total of 2.9 billion trips to retail stores each year to purchase over-the-counter medications this tends to be a reactive approach by and large—a response by the consumer to a problem that’s already reared its ugly head. However, if a brand can somehow uncover the junction of meeting business goals and saving lives, well that is a win-win that any advertiser would want to create. This was the very feat that marketers at a global OTC brand chose to take head on, in hopes that their product would be able to change what’s normally a reactive conversation to a preemptive one. By working with Unified’s team of experts leveraging award-winning software, their strategy ultimately led to saving both money and hopefully, a few lives in the process.


In order to successfully create a positive message and ideally attract new customers, the OTC CPG brand went to the platform with the largest social media audience on the planet—Facebook.

The message itself was twofold. First, marketers sought to educate users about heart health and more importantly, what steps they can take to prevent potentially dangerous conditions.

And second, get them interested enough to visit their website with a fully trackable giveaway.

Ultimately, the success of the campaign was determined by how many users made it through the entire conversion path. Working with Unified, The Brand was able to implement the following strategy:


While the campaign was optimized natively towards link clicks to drive consumers to The Brand’s website, Unified’s advanced technology added an extra layer on top by driving custom conversions. Tracked through pixels placed on strategic areas of the site including the landing, data entry and thank you pages, marketers were also able to determine how far along a user would get in the process.


While discussing heart health may not be the most enticing topic on the internet, The Brand found a way to engage audiences by including a $500 gift card to 100 lucky winners. Users were invited to enter once a day throughout the duration of the month long campaign. Marketers also had a wealth of information, quizzes and tools consumers could explore once their entry was completed in effort to increase the stickiness of the website.


As we all know, targeting is dire to the success of a campaign, and in this case The Brand sought out those interested in fitness, health and relevant brands. Using Unified’s Intelligence reports and post swapper, the campaign strategists were not only able to make better targeting decisions (i.e. interests and competitor/conquest targeting), but also effortlessly swap out low performing creative for more impactful ads.



The Conversion Rate Compared To Benchmark.


Conversions Generated


At the end of the day, it was a combination of health education, sophisticated tracking, a sweepstakes offer and intuitive targeting that set this brand up for success. Marketers who can clearly outline their desired actions and leverage innovative campaign solutions that works with the native tools will always be one step ahead of the curve. By creating a positive, fun message that proved helpful to their audience, marketers accumulated a large amount of conversions at minimal cost.

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