This Auto Brand Was Able To Decrease Snapchat Campaign Costs By 56.2% On The Very First Try

By: Unified


When it comes to products with price tags in the tens of thousands of dollars, sales trends are tied to many factors. Some of these factors are easier to anticipate, such as the health of the economy, but others may seem a bit more mysterious. The latter case happened after a relatively stable year, when U.S. car sales fell for the fourth straight month in the summer of 2017. This drop left automakers wondering how to boost sales quickly and effectively.

One Automotive Brand had an excellent idea for driving sales: to create a unique social media campaign designed to reinvigorate buyers and attract new customers. To accomplish this, marketers looked to Snapchat, the newest social channel on the block, to drive awareness for the release of their brand-new car. Leveraging the Unified Platform’s unique budget Optimizer, Marketers achieved a significantly higher swipe-up rate and lower CPM than originally predicted.


The Brand had been considering Snapchat for a while, hoping that the quickly growing platform could help expand its already prominent social reach. Since their new car would need an especially attention-grabbing campaign to identify and attract potential buyers during the sales slump, marketers knew that the highly engaged Snapchat community might be the answer. To ensure they reached their goals, marketers formed the following two-part strategy:

All-Inclusive Audience:

Marketers chose a wide audience to target in order to get the widest reach and visibility possible; they aimed for consumers of both genders aged 18-35—a group that is very invested in Snapchat. They used the Unified Platform’s Optimizer, which works on top of the native tool, to move budget to the highest performing ad sets, ultimately narrowing down targeting to the most receptive audience.

Eye-Catching Creative:

Snapchat is different from other channels; its ads don’t look like traditional ads. To ensure that The Brand’s content didn’t look out of place, marketers made sure that the creative was short, casual, and eye-catching. Highlighting the action-filled experience that the new car promised, marketers chose the video Snap Ad format. Designers featured quick cuts of the car zooming down the road to emphasize its speed and rev up excitement with consumers.


Even without a direct CTA calling for users to swipe up and learn more about the car, marketers achieved the following results:


Higher Swipe-Up Rate Than Benchmark.


Lower CPM Than Benchmark.


Brands in industries that experience downward trends sometimes need an exciting way to snag consumers’ attention. To reinvigorate buyers and attract new customers, marketers should consider advertising on unique platforms such as Snapchat, using objective-appropriate targeting and captivating creative to draw in the attention of desired audiences.

In this brand’s case, implementing the above strategy while using the Unified Platform to increase optimization led The Brand to run a highly successful campaign—the first of many Snapchat campaigns to come.

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