These Tactics Use Facebook Custom Audiences To Combine CRM and Social To Increase Ad Efficiency

By: Unified

Today's marketing public service announcement is: bigger isn't always better.

In fact when it comes to social media advertising, there are certain times where marketers will find that the bigger the target audience, the harder ROI falls. This is particularly true of campaigns that are focused on objectives like video views and conversions (e.g. app downloads, website clicks, etc.) as opposed to social engagements or general awareness. In this article, we'll pinpoint three tactics you can use to hone in on the Facebookers who are most relevant to your initiatives to help you avoid wasting precious budget dollars on those who aren't.

Finding Customers Who Facebook

In fact, we continuously see campaigns that leverage this feature outperform benchmarks and deliver quality conversions for brands.

This all sounds great in theory, but you may be wondering what in the name of advertising does CRM (i.e. customer relationship management) has to do with your Facebook advertising campaign? Well the answer is rather simple. Facebook has made it possible to find your current, past and prospective customers on their network and consequently this gives you the ability to serve them ads. In fact, we continuously see campaigns that leverage this feature outperform benchmarks and deliver quality conversions for brands. Just upload your list of emails, phone numbers, website visitors, Facebook IDs or mobile IDs and you're half way there. But as always, developing a strategy is the most important and most tricky part. So we've put together three approaches for inspiration.

Persuading Prospects

Prospective customers have a clear interest in your product or service, but there's still something keeping them from completing the conversion you want. They may have reached out via email, filled out a web form, or even added products to a cart only to abandon the purchase.

Locking Down Upsells

Acquiring new customers who actually complete a purchase is like getting the very last piece of chocolate cake. It's satisfying, delicious but only lasts the amount of time it takes for you to shovel it into your mouth. But when that's over and done, you'll need a way to keep the good times going, or in the case of marketing, keep them coming back or accelerating their purchase behavior.

Bringing Buying Back

All companies go through the pain of the customer break up—when a buyer says, "it's not you, it's me" and shuts down the money train. Enticing past clients to come back can be challenging, but with the right messaging and tactics, it is certainly possible.

Whether you are looking to increase product adoption, get users to make additional purchases, or win back the hearts of those who got away, Facebook Custom Audiences is a great tool to use to not only meet but beat your campaign goals.

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