The Twitter Audience Platform And Unified’s Technology Proves To Be The Best Combination For Conversions For A Nationally Acclaimed Automaker

By: Unified


Second only to the retail industry, automakers are “all-in” when it comes to digital advertising, and are estimated to spend $8.7B in 2016 alone. When diving into social media specifically, auto has the highest percentage of marketers using the channel than any other industry, which consequently, also means that for the Nationally Acclaimed Auto Brand competition was stiff. The need for more than simply an awareness campaign has steadily grown over time, instead making way for an increased urgency for qualified conversions. Working with Unified’s team of experts, The Brand explored using the Twitter Audience Platform with impressive results.


One thing’s for sure—the path to purchase for a car can be a long one, with consumers spending the better part of 11 hours or more on just research alone. For this campaign, The Brand wanted to use social media to create a shortcut if you will, aimed at consumers who were actively engaged in finding some new wheels. Focused on getting the highest quality traffic, marketers leveraged the Unified Platform to deploy the following strategy:


The Automaker wasn’t just interested in social media in general, but really needed to leverage a platform that would allow them to reach users no matter where they went. With the Twitter Audience Platform (TAP), marketers were able to reach hundreds of millions of mobile users through a network of apps, regardless of whether they were on or off Twitter. And with 71% of mobile friendly auto shoppers using their device during the purchase process and 58% indicating that their smartphone is the only device they will use for research in the future, this was the perfect place for The Brand to be.


Keywords were also key here, as marketers identified phrases like “new car” and “new car lease” to weed out users that would likely be withdrawn or passive, ensuring they only served ads to consumers active in the car buying process. This coupled with the TAP placement allowed The Automaker to maximize the amount of users that made it to a local deals page, which was tracked via pixel. Once there, potential customers were able to search for offers, search inventory at dealerships nearby or request a quote.


When it came to creative, marketers decided to focus on the vehicle exclusively. With bold imagery of the exterior, back seat and driver’s seat, the user had no choice but to concentrate on their product. Add in a clear call-to-action urging consumers to “Shop Now” and copy that was offer-centric and The Brand created simple but effective visuals.


Marketers used the Bulk Creative Refresh feature within the Unified Platform to effortlessly swap out ad creative as needed. This way any poor performing creative could be remedied in the matter of a few clicks, making the product centric visuals much more effective.



Lower Cost Per Link Click Than Previous Placements.


Lower Cost Per Quote Intender Than Previous Placements.


In this case, it was a combination of bold creative, keyword targeting and most importantly, placement on the Twitter Audience Platform that made the difference for The Brand. The targeting ensured the most relevant users saw the ad, the simple, product-focused creative enticed clicks, and the TAP placement drove traffic from users both on and off Twitter. The Unified Platform breathed additional life into the campaign, by allowing marketers to include an extra layer of optimization on top of what was set in the native tool to ensure The Automaker reached their goals. For brands looking to add some spice to direct response campaigns, the TAP provides a cost efficient and effective way to reach consumers on the go.


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