Renowned Brand Executes 100+ Olympics Campaigns Across 27 Countries While Saving 140 Hours

By: Unified


The Brand wanted to join the millions of conversations centered on the Olympics to raise brand awareness across dozens of countries. Previously, scaling such a massive initiative would have completely consumed marketers’ time, but with total social advertising transparency provided by the Unified Platform, marketers could efficiently manage and report on the 100+ campaigns included in the initiative.


As one of the sponsors of the Olympics, the Brand already had a place of prominence at the actual event. However, advertising in the social media sphere was still highly competitive, so marketers decided to run a 100+ campaign initiative across 27 countries. Running throughout the traditional Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the Facebook and Instagram initiative celebrated both games. Saturated with dramatic music and inspiring footage of athletes and parathletes, the ad tugged on heartstrings while boosting the Brand’s image.


The Brand leveraged 3 features in the Unified Platform to achieve their goals.

  • Goal:

    • Eliminate wasted time spent reporting on and optimizing for a massive campaign.

    • Paid Intelligence allowed marketers to collect results for all 100+ campaigns across 27 countries in clear reports, so marketers could review campaign progress and quickly make important decisions about social investments. Throughout the campaign, the Optimizer automatically shifted budget to the highest performing creative and targeting, saving the Brand’s team both time and money.
  • Goal:

    • Ensure transparency into real-time campaign data to keep on top of opportunities that arise during the course of the flight.

    • The Pacing Dashboard enabled teams to view and analyze realtime data for campaigns, ad accounts, ad groups, and creative.

As a result, the Brand executed a mass-scale campaign while saving nearly 150 hours in the process. With the transparency available to them, marketers were able to monitor the campaign constantly—even adding an extra $2MM at the last minute when they saw the campaign’s success.



of budget efficiently spent with the help of the Unified Platform.

27 Countries

served consistent campaigns with the help of the Unified Platform.


added toward the end of the initiative due to success seen in reports provided by Paid Intelligence.

140 Hours

saved per person throughout the campaign with efficient reporting powered by Paid Intelligence.

100+ Campaigns

managed effortlessly within the Pacing Dashboard.

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