Popular Auto Brand Lowers Cost Per Action By 49.1% While Saving 10 Hours Per Team Member

By: Unified


In the capricious world of social advertising, marketers are constantly experimenting with new strategies. But testing new methods, which may or may not succeed, consumes one of a brand’s most valuable resources—time. In order to be successful, The Brand needed two main things: complete transparency into campaign data and real-time line items, and a single source of intelligence from which their media agency, creative agency, and brand teams could work.


T he Auto Brand wanted to test Facebook’s Messenger Ads, the newest promising ad format at the time that engaged 46.0% of US Facebookers at least once a week. Marketers prepared an A/B test to compare the effectiveness of Messenger Ads versus Feed Ads, which, as the names suggest, run in the Messenger app and Facebook feeds respectively.


The Brand leveraged four features in the Unified Platform to solve their goals.

  • GOAL:

    • Eliminate insufficient campaign execution and communication between the media agency, creative agency, and brand teams.

    • With the Partner Connector, all teams accessed the same campaign data, eliminating silos, communication errors, and inconsistent analysis.
  • GOAL:

    • Ensure transparency into real-time campaign data to keep on top of opportunities that arise during the course of the flight.

    • The Pacing Dashboard enabled teams to view and analyze real-time campaign, ad account, ad group, and creative data, allowing them to capitalize on ad hoc opportunities.
  • GOAL:

    • Eliminate wasted time on manual tasks, such as tracking line items, swapping out creative, creating Excel reports, etc.

    • Paid Intelligence eliminated the need for manual reports, and could be accessed on demand. The Optimizer automatically adjusted budget, removing the need to do so manually by going into individual ad groups.

Ultimately, the Unified Platform empowered marketers to save time, lower campaign costs, and use on-demand intelligence to determine that Messenger Ads were more effective than Feed Ads.



saved per person by eliminating manual tasks with the Pacing Dashboard and Optimizer.


fewer for executives to receive final report with Unified’s Paid Intelligence than industry average of 2 weeks.


lower cost per click with Messenger Ads than benchmark by leveraging the Pacing Dashboard and Optimizer.


lower cost per action with Messenger Ads than benchmark by leveraging the Pacing Dashboard and Optimizer.


regarding the effectiveness of Messenger Ads over Feed Ads by leveraging the Pacing Dashboard and Paid Intelligence.

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