A Movie Studio Uses Twitter TV Conversion To Create Blockbuster Buzz

By: Unified


When it comes to releasing the next mega blockbuster hit, the process tends to be slightly less art, and a little more science. A Major Movie Production Studio was tasked with promoting their brand new action-packed thriller in the middle of the highly competitive summer blockbuster season. The ultimate goal: develop a strategy to break through massive amounts of social content clutter, identify highly relevant users and entice them to see the movie.


Brands can target people having credible conversations around their favorite television shows for up to 2 weeks after their last TV related tweet. This gives marketers the ability to easily tap into relevant conversations where interest and engagement is significantly more likely.

In a world where the speed of the feed rules the way we absorb content, it’s more important than ever for marketers to find an angle that is both relevant and resonates with their desired audience. In this case, one of the movie’s lead actors also happened to star in a major network TV series that had a large social following.

To capitalize on the coincidence, the studio leveraged Unified’s expertise to build a plan that targeted followers having parallel conversations about the TV series to help drive engagement. The Studio leveraged Unified’s Investment Manager and Proprietary Optimization Technology to implement the following strategy:


Target existing users that were following the accounts of lead star and television series.


Use Twitter’s groundbreaking TV Conversation Targeting to pinpoint consumers generating engagements (tweets, retweets, favorites) related to the lead star and TV series.


Synchronize engagement and time by launching two hours before the season finale of the television series, as well as a full day after. This flighting capitalized on the increase in conversations and applied them strategically to the campaign.



Higher Engagement Rate Compared To The Theatrical Benchmark*.


Lower Cost Per Engagement Compared To The Theatrical Benchmark.


To exceed benchmarks, brands not only need to be creative in finding their audience, but also implement features that allow them to be reached at the best possible time. Unified was able to help the Major Movie Production Studio successfully use Twitter TV Conversation Targeting in a way that maximized exposure and engagement for its upcoming film. Reaching fans of the lead actor while they were actively talking about TV content directly related to the performer was paramount in achieving a higher engagement rate at a lower cost per engagement.

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