Leverage Social For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Lindsey Pizula

By: Lindsey Pizula

Senior Strategist

Whether you can believe it or not, the holidays are approaching and consumers are ready to spend. This year, eMarketer predicts that Cyber Monday will (once again) be the largest online shopping day in history, with total sales reaching $10 billion or more. To help marketers drive purchases, platforms have made it easier than ever for users to shop while scrolling through their social feed. A few weeks ago we shared 5 Tips to Maximize Your Holiday Investments now we want to provide the platform features that will help to drive the most value and cut through the clutter through Black Friday and beyond.


Pinterest Shopping Ads

80% of Pinners have made a purchase based on the content they saw from brands on Pinterest and every year millions of users turn to Pinterest to spark inspiration for their own wishlist as well as what to gift others in their life. Coupled together, this presents an exciting opportunity to get in front of consumers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday who are already in the discovery and shopping mentality.

Shopping Ads can help boost your brand’s exposure on Pinterest and help your products stand out during these key holidays. Pinterest will automatically show your ads to relevant shoppers, matching your products with the people we think are likely to love them.

Shopping Ads are marked with a special price tag icon and use Pinterest’s Product Pin format. Product Pins pull in real-time pricing info, availability and a product description. Users will be directed to your brand’s site to complete the purchase.

Shop the Look

Shop the Look is an organic format that lets brands tag multiple products within the same lifestyle image. When someone clicks on a specific product, Pinterest shows them similar items that are available to shop.

Instagram & Facebook

Facebook Pay

facebook pay from pay.facebook.com
Announced last week, Facebook Pay will allow users to seamlessly purchase items, send money to friends or family, and donate directly to fundraisers or causes. Pending user adoption over the next few weeks, this new feature has the potential to drive tremendous value for both brands and consumers; it enables users to seamlessly process payments with minimal interruption to their Instagram or Facebook browsing sessions.

Instagram Shopping Ads

instagram shopping ads from Instagram
As cited by Instagram, 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts to learn more about products every month. Tag products on your image, carousel, story posts, or in explore; this allows for users to easily find information about products, and will make it that much easier for them to make a purchase on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Currently, Instagram Shopping Ads are only available as organic posts/ stories.

Instagram Dynamic Ads

instagram dynamic ads from Instagram
Instagram Dynamic Ads (which can now be placed within Instagram Stories) allow brands to advertise relevant products to users who have shown interest in items on a brands website or app. Brands can upload their product catalog and Instagram will automatically show the right product to the right people at the right time, with accurate Black Friday/Cyber Monday pricing information reflected.

Store Visit Ads

store visit ad facebook from marketingland.com
As consumers continue to research products prior to purchasing in person, it has become increasingly important to bridge the gap between the offline and online world. Facebook’s Store Visits objective aids with this and helps businesses achieve their end objective of driving consumers into brick and mortar stores during Black Friday sales.


Snapchat Dynamic Ads

snapchat dynamic ads from snapchat.com
Dynamic Ads brings automated personalization to Snapchat for the first time; this will increase ad relevance for users and drive impact for brands in a highly efficient way. Similar to their competitors’ dynamic ad offerings, Snapchat Dynamic Ads will automatically adjust ads to contain current price and availability which will be key during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Have you started to test any of these features yet? How are they working for you and your brands? We would love to learn more about what you are find most effective at unews@unified.com

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