Leading Entertainment Brand Uses Unified’s @Handle Targeting To Reach The Previously Unattainable, Real Audience of Another Twitter Account

By: Unified


Launching a new television show is far from easy. In fact, as much as 70.5% of freshman TV programming will eventually get the ax¹—and that’s in just a single year. So what’s a digital marketer to do to keep entertainment fans continuously engaged with their content, enough to tune-in each and every week? That’s the very challenge that a Leading Entertainment Brand faced, as they were piecing together a strategy to launch an original variety show. Working with Unified’s team of experts that skillfully leveraged unique features within the Unified Platform, marketers were able to not only give them visibility to standard Twitter targeting groups, but also to an audience that was quite simply, previously unreachable by brands.


As many marketers know, Twitter and Television are like the “it” couple of social media. The platform has proven countless times to drive recall, awareness and engagement.

And consequently, the platform was a natural fit to enable The Leading Entertainment Brand to meet its business objective of revving up awareness for the new series by getting a high volume of video views.

To achieve this, The Brand implemented three main strategies:


Previously, when a brand wants to target users of a specific account their only option would be to use Twitter’s lookalike modeling feature, which mimics the following of the desired audience through interests, location, demographic attributes and engagement patterns. With Unified’s Exact @Handle Targeting, The Brand was able to target the actual followers of other Twitter accounts. Thus, adding an unprecedented level of accuracy and relevancy to their campaign.


The following The Brand was most interested in, was that of the starring actor’s. This is a simple yet immensely effective way to increase engagement, as they already have a built in infatuation with the star. In addition to Unified’s Exact @Handle targeting, marketers also leveraged standard interest and keyword targeting.


The type of video content presented was extremely short, ranging from 9 to 14 seconds only. The snippets, which featured the star hilariously prepping a honeymoon suite and dressing up as an imaginary host on a hit singing competition show, were bold, short and enough to elicit audience reactions.



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