How One Leading CPG Brand Determined What Drives Conversions: The Head or the Heart

By: Unified

Pain Points

Before coming to Unified, this CPG brand was suffering from:

No audience insights

The brand needed to establish a test and learn model to understand their emerging audience personas and how best to market to them.

Lightweight reporting

The native platform provided some insights but needed to go further in order for the brand to organize and draw meaningful conclusions from its campaign data en masse.

Case Study

The CPG brand wanted to understand what type of creative would resonate best with its key customer personas: messaging that appealed to their consumers’ heads or hearts?

The Campaign

The goal of this campaign was to gain a clear understanding of the brand’s core buyer personas in order to better market to them and drive more sales of packaged coffee in retail locations like grocery stores.

After conducting focus group research to define two core buyer personas (‘Lara’ and ‘Brenden’), the brand joined forces with Unified to understand what would motivate each of these customer segments to buy more specialty coffee.

The Setup

Unified broke the targeting for this campaign into two ad groups, with ‘head’ creative focused on recipes and processes, and ‘heart’ creative focused on people interacting with the product.

We A/B tested both forms of creative on each of the Lara and Brenden targeting segments, supplementing any gaps in the native audiences tool with third party data to reach the most relevant cross-section of Pinners.

The Intelligence

The brand leveraged 2 key features in the Unified platform to achieve their goals:

  • GOAL:

    Keep data organized and draw actionable insights from the reporting available.


    The Unified Platform’s Reporting feature allowed team members to add context to campaign data and produce clean reports to keep the brand up-to-date about how results were performing.

  • GOAL:

    Make agile changes to creative across all campaigns at a glance.


    The Pacing Dashboard empowered teams to view and analyze data for all campaigns, ad accounts, ad groups, and creative, allowing marketers to act on ad hoc opportunities. The Optimizer automatically moved budget to the highest performing ads in real-time.


After a 3 month flight, the brand saw:


spent efficiently with the help of the Unified Platform.


added in incremental spend due to the strong campaign performance.


in average CPX amongst top-performing campaigns.


campaigns managed effortlessly within the Pacing Dashboard.

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