Large-Scale Movie Studio Uses Video To Entice Hispanic Users On Instagram

By: Unified


As a population that’s over 54MM strong with a buying power of over a trillion dollars, Hispanics represent a viable and potentially lucrative consumer base for U.S. brands. However, with 38% speaking mainly in Spanish, and another 36% that are bilingual, marketers are challenged with determining the best strategy for successfully appealing to this consumer. Add on the extra pressure of crafting an effective campaign a mere 5 days prior to the release of what needed to become one of the top motion pictures of the summer, and there you have the very conundrum that marketers at a Large Scale Movie Studio were facing. Working with Unified’s elite team of social marketing experts, The Studio settled on leveraging Instagram, second only to Facebook as a preferred network for Hispanics to connect with a targeted group visually.


With 65% of Hispanics actively using social media, leveraging the marketing channel, especially a visually stimulating platform like Instagram to reach relevant movie-lovers was a match made in heaven.

With the major movie release on the horizon, marketers were interested in generating as much awareness, views and engagement as possible during the short campaign flight.

Leveraging Unified’s expertise and technology, The Studio implemented a three-pronged strategy:


To appeal to all linguistic preferences (i.e. English only, Spanish only and Bilingual), The Studio reworked their existing trailer in English to include video interstitials that were in Spanish. Additionally, marketers chose to intermingle a short caption which was also in Spanish, with the official hashtag for the film — which was in English. Couple this dual language tactic with powerful video featuring bold imagery and music, The Studio was able to get and sustain the interest of a diverse audience.


Since the film was heavily music-centric with well-known characters, marketers decided to create a base target group consisting of music genres, actors and musicians. Then, they overlaid the “Hispanic - Bilingual” and “Hispanic - Dominate” audiences on top. This provided a more precise audience that was a true cross section of music fans and ethnicity.


While the overall campaign lasted a total of 5 days, The Studio decided to do a Day Blast 24 hours prior to the release date. This did two things — first, marketers were able to change the parameters of the campaign without disturbing their ongoing, longer term strategy. And second, it gave The Studio the ability to do a last minute push for awareness to drive general interest and consequently, ticket purchases.



Of Viewers Watched Video To The End (100% Completion)


Engagement Rate


Cost Per Click


For marketers looking to connect with highly engaged Hispanic social media users, Instagram is an excellent option particularly for entertainment brands. The Studio’s multifaceted approach to creative (i.e. addressing both languages) and targeting (i.e. interest and ethnicity) was key in this case, allowing marketers to appeal to the diverse spectrum within the Hispanic community to engage users on a deeper level. Lastly, marketers with specific product release or event dates should consider utilizing both a long and short term approach. The “always on” longer term campaign will build highly relevant momentum, while short “sprint” flight enables greater awareness and engagement at a time that’s most relevant to driving downstream conversions and engagement.

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