GRAMMYs, Super Bowl: How to win Live Moments on Social

Lindsey Pizula

By: Lindsey Pizula

Media Strategist

After the holidays conclude and we begin the second half of the winter season, the nation’s attention shifts towards the first three Live Moments of the new year: The GRAMMYs, the Super Bowl, and The Oscars.

It’s a time for many conversations, whether we’re predicting Oscar winners, arguing over our favorite Super Bowl players, or discussing which artist gave the most entertaining performance at The GRAMMYs. Even the most disinterested among us cannot deny the influx of social media content and engagement surrounding these events (I would be lying if I said I don’t spend as much time browsing Super Bowl memes as I do actually watching the game). Live Moments create perfect opportunities for brands to capture the attention of mass audiences.

During LIVE moments...

  • Audiences’ social media usage rises
  • Social Media Engagement amplifies
  • Users’ emotional sentiment increases

Four Planning Principles for Live Moments

Map the Moments along your consumers’ experience

Follow fans through their interactions and capitalize on less competitive conversations or that matter to your brand.

Scenario Planning

Create expansive lists of Moments during the event, ranging from what you know will happen to potential outcomes. This is a great tactic for the GRAMMYS, Super Bowl, and The Oscars, because there will always be clear winners and potentially some buzzworthy upsets. Remember to define brand permissions to determine what your brand should and should not create content around

Pre-Produce Assets

Create content for the different type of Moments to ride the real-time wave; there are a number of different outcomes that can occur

Set and Identify Your Distribution Plan

Establish a paid media distribution plan to ensure your brand is front and center throughout each Live Moment journey.

Why is this important?

  • Creative Effectiveness - Mapping out and scenario planning allows you to identify the pivotal moments most important to your brand, allowing you to tailor content for that moment. Planning for these Moments also allows brands to be more innovative in their execution and ideas, which helps them break through the clutter. Planning ahead for Live Moments also builds familiarity with consumers, generating relevancy and ultimately effectiveness.
  • Media Efficiencies - Break down each Live Moment into three distinct phases; before, during, and after. This approach allows for improved media efficiencies by facilitating constant optimizations. As many advertisers will be bidding for attention during a Live Moment, prices will be at a premium. Brands can avoid this competition by promoting their branded content before the event takes place, testing the efficiencies of each creative and ad type, eventually leading to lowered Cost-Pers during a Live Moment’s peak time period, and after the Moment has ended.

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