How This Expanding Entertainment Brand Brought Its Social Media Advertising In-House

By: Unified


Previously, the Brand ran its social advertising through multiple agencies, but experienced unclear service fees and complete loss of data after an agency transition. For a company that spends over $45 million each year on social, loss of valuable campaign data, which informs every strategy and investment, was devastating. So the Brand decided to bring their social in-house—but that’s no easy feat.

Working with Unified, the Brand’s marketers guaranteed data ownership and social advertising training for their internal team. Unified’s Managed Services experts would run the Brand’s initiatives while simultaneously teaching the Brand how to successfully execute campaigns and analyze results. Once they’d learned all they could, the Brand’s marketers could simply use the Unified Platform themselves, leaving all other aspects in-house.


In this instance, Managed Services wanted to teach the Brand an important part of running social advertising—testing and learning. This was a vital tactic for ROI growth that the Brand specifically requested instruction for; testing new ad products and creative is a reliable way to uncover best practices for future campaigns. Using Facebook’s Creative Split Testing, Managed Services taught marketers how to compare two pieces of creative.


The Brand leveraged 4 features in the Unified Platform to solve their goals.

  • GOAL:

    Prevent data loss.


    After plugging their social accounts into the Unified Platform, the Brand’s social team could be sure that they would retain full ownership of their data in the future, even if they switched internal teams or external partners.

  • GOAL:

    Bring the Brand’s social advertising entirely in-house by gaining social advertising expertise.


    Managed Services began the relationship by running the Brand’s campaigns while teaching the growing internal social team all the tricks of the social advertising trade.

  • GOAL:

    Eliminate missed ROI growth opportunities due to a lack of testand-learn strategies and slow reporting.


    The Unified Platform’s Pacing Dashboard allowed marketers to monitor real-time data and make lastminute changes to boost ROI. Daily reporting with Paid Intelligence reports allowed marketers to closely examine their test campaign and ensure it was producing positive results—which is very important when a brand runs a short testing campaign.

Not only did the Brand learn how to successfully pull off a testing campaign, but also they saved 5 hours on report creation and produced a final report nearly two weeks before the industry average.


After a two-week flight, the Brand saw:


saved per team member on reporting with Paid Intelligence.


of daily reporting seamlessly run with the Pacing Dashboard.


effortlessly managed with the Pacing Dashboard.


fewer for executives to receive final report with Unified’s Paid Intelligence than industry average of 2 weeks.


new strategy, test-and-learn with Facebook’s Creative Split Testing, successfully adopted with the help of Unified’s Managed Services.

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