How Testing a New Video Optimization Strategy Drove Major Returns for this QSR Brand

By: Unified

Pain Points

Before coming to Unified, this CPG brand was suffering from:

Performance questions

The brand was looking to learn which objective was more effective, Video Views or Awareness, based on brand message timing.

Lack of transparency

due to slow reporting surrounding previous social advertising initiative results.

Case Study

The brand wanted to drive awareness with video creative, and Unified set out to find the best objective to achieve this: Video Views or Awareness.

The Campaign

The brand was conducting a Snap Ads campaign to create awareness around a new beverage launch. Typically, platforms recommend running video assets on a Video Views objective, and initially that was planned for this campaign – however when Unified saw the creative, we recommended testing an Awareness objective to find out which objective would lead to stronger performance.

The Setup

The decision to test an Awareness objective with video creative came from learnings achieved during previous video campaigns. The brand had started to notice higher CPVs from this style of creative because messaging was longer and branding was not always featured in the first two seconds. While a Video Views objective would lend itself towards users completing or watching a sustained duration of a video, this campaign did not necessarily need users to let the video play for a while to achieve its key goal of awareness.

In collaboration with Snapchat, Unified helped the brand to renew its focus on creative to better fit the platform – providing the general advice to add branding earlier in the video for best awareness and recall.

We launched the first of three creatives with a Video Views objective, but soon after made the recommendation to introduce new Awareness creative (along with refreshed Video Views creative to create a fair test).

The Intelligence

The brand leveraged 2 key features in the Unified platform to achieve their goals:

  • GOAL:

    Take a strategic approach to the campaign setup.


    Unified’s Managed Services team was committed to trialing new ideas and thinking outside the box to achieve the best results and answer the brand’s questions around performance.

  • GOAL:

    Monitor the campaign in real-time to give the brand immediate insight into how the test was performing.


    The Pacing Dashboard was used to easily compare results between the two objectives and determine which one was driving the most efficient CPM, CPV and video view time.

As a result of this test and learn approach, the brand was surprised to discover that optimizing towards Awareness rather than Video Views on video campaigns led to more efficient CPMs (but generally higher CPVs).


After a 3 month flight, the brand saw:


spent efficiently with the help of the Unified Platform.


as an average CPM on the Awareness campaign.


as an average CPV on the Awareness campaign.


as an average CPV on the Video Views campaign.


as an average CPM on the Video Views campaign.

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