This Global CPG Brand Drastically Lowered Costs On Twitter By Doing This One Thing

By: Unified


We all go through it every single day. The hunt to find something to quiet the incessant belly rumblings, waging the war between nutritious and delicious. But this Global CPG brand wanted to save consumers from choosing between the healthiness our bodies require and the tastiness our taste buds demand by offering recipes and food options fit for the whole family. But with potentially tens of thousands of brands to choose from in a typical local grocery store, marketers were challenged with figuring out how to get their items in front of a massive audience, and engage them in such a way that they would choose one of their products the next time their fridge is looking a little empty. The Global CPG brand worked with Unified to build, test and optimize a photo and video campaign to gain the best possible reach possible, with the most efficient use of their budget.


The goal of this campaign, although simple, was challenging to achieve. The Brand was less interested in off-site website traffic from their tweets, but rather achieve massive yet budget-friendly awareness and engagement.

The photo and video ads would essentially be similar in creative and concept, but would be run simultaneously to check for performance, efficiencies, bids and budget spend.

Twitter Campaign experts deployed two main strategies and one major optimization through Unified’s Investment Manager, which leverages Proprietary Optimization Technology:


While The Brand was interested in having a message that was widespread, marketers still wanted to ensure budget was spent on consumers who would be interested in cooking or grocery shopping. Therefore, the focus was on reaching foodies, grocery shoppers, entertainers and recipe seekers. Additionally custom segments were also created using Twitter’s tailored audience feature to bump up relevancy and reach even more.


Instead of simply presenting the product to potential buyers, The Brand decided to simply provide enticing recipes that they can try. Displayed in both photo and video formats, this approach not only softened the sell to consumers, but gave them a variety of visual content to interact with.


The biggest, most impactful decision however, came from adjusting how the campaign was optimized. By optimizing the bids towards CPM (as opposed to CPV), the Unified team was able to secure a much lower cost while exceeding the business goal of massive awareness.



Decrease In CCPM Compared To CPV Optimization.


Decrease In Cost Per Engagement Compared to CPV Optimization.


There are many components that make a campaign successful — creative, targeting, optimization, and that’s just for starters. However for brands who are more focused on awareness over direct response, optimizing Twitter campaigns towards CPM will give you a much better chance of lowering costs while achieving the same amount of reach and engagement.

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