Four Key Insights That Perfectly Convey The Current State Of Social Media Advertising, According To Unified

By: Unified

225.4 billion


That’s a conservative estimate of the amount of data generated daily from social media video streaming alone. To put this in perspective, you and 999 of your closest friends could stream just under 30 years of high-definition quality video each with this amount of data. It’s no wonder advertisers increased spending on social video by an impressive 162.5% last year.

Video of course, is merely just one piece of a much larger social advertising pie. When taking all campaign types into account, from photo to mobile app install and everything in between, overall social budgets are expected to swell to $41.6 billion in 2017.

At Unified, we’ve seen our fair share of campaign data, generated from the world’s biggest and most successful brands. As a result, we’ve been able to unearth four key insights that represent the current state and movement of the industry.

The Unified Platform, Explained In 30 Seconds

Unified helps marketers make informed and impactful decisions with the industry’s only business intelligence platform purposely designed for social advertising. These numbers represent the growth and scale of both our platform and the Unified Marketing Graph.

What Is The Unified Marketing Graph?

Similarly to how Facebook’s social graph illustrates user relationships and personal networks, the Unified Marketing Graph indexes and organizes the components of the marketing supply chain (e.g. tools, teams, brands, partners, etc.) to power the social advertising Business Intelligence marketers need at any altitude.


of social investment data.




advertising initiative line items.

Insight 1

There Are More And More Cooks In The Kitchen

Brands Need Teamwork To Have More “Team”, Less “Work”

The number of teams (e.g. brand teams, media agencies, creative agencies, and other partners) needed to successfully deploy a single, often complex social campaign are higher than ever. And if that wasn’t enough of a challenge in and of itself, this growth often leads to significant fragmentation and lost opportunities for shared learning without a centralized platform to streamline them all.


Unique companies are connected to a single campaign line item on average.


Increase in companies per line item over the past 24 months.

What Is A Campaign Line Item?

Line items are essentially channel-specific (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) campaigns within the Unified Platform. There can be multiple teams accessing or managing aspects of each line item, from internal brand teams to multiple agency partners.

Insight 2

Social Supply Chains Are More Intricate Than Ever


year-over-year increase in social advertising supply chain connections.


social advertising supplychain connections per company on average.

An Uptick In Hyper-Targeted Campaigns

Think of your own company’s marketing supply chain for a moment—it might include a few sub-brands, agencies, marketing channels and software partners. There is undoubtedly an upward trend when it comes to supply chain scale and complexity, and the need to connect all the fragmented dots for marketers.

Insight 3

More Campaign Customization Leads To More Campaign Volume


social campaigns deployed per brand on average annually.


increase in the average number of social campaigns deployed per brand within 12 months.

An Uptick In Hyper-Targeted Campaigns

One of the many benefits of social advertising, as opposed to other channels, is the ability to achieve one-to-one or hyper-personalized targeting like never before. With this ability, however, comes a clear and marked increase in campaign volume.

Insight 4

Accelerated Ad Account Creation Is Compounding Data Ownership And Transparency Challenges


Ad accounts per brand on average.


Increase in the average number of ad accounts per brand within 12 months.

With Great Data Exhaust Comes A Great Need For Data Ownership

We’ve already established that there have been double and triple-digit increases in teams, supply chains, and campaigns. The sheer amount of data generated from this activity means that marketers must demand more centralized data ownership and control as ad account numbers continue to skyrocket.

The moral of this social story, if nothing else, is that the social advertising universe is still rapidly expanding. And this trend will continue to trickle down to individual companies, big and small, as they work with more teams to create more campaigns on more platforms through more ad accounts. In order to wrap their arms around this activity in a meaningful way, it is critical for marketers to streamline, track, and own the massive amount of data generated from their campaigns to achieve true social advertising business intelligence.

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