For The First Time, Brand Secures A Top-Level View Of All 12 Sub-Brands And 750+ Social Campaigns

By: Unified


The Prominent Telecom Brand runs 8 business units and 12 sub-brands, each managing its own social advertising strategy, creative agencies, and campaigns. To minimize waste and maximize efficiency, the Brand made a strategic shift in 2018, adjusting its social business to a full-funnel strategy.

Originally, Unified owned the top of the Brand’s funnel, while another social media partner managed a single, very specific vertical. However, in order to adhere to the strategy shift, the Brand’s marketers realized they needed to consolidate their social advertising business, in order to save a vast amount of time previously consumed by managing nearly 800 campaigns through the two different partners.

The Brand evaluated both partners and chose to consolidate its business with Unified. Ultimately, because the Unified Platform provided the Brand’s marketers with a cohesive view of both overarching social investments and real-time campaign details, the Brand knew they’d have the clarity needed to successfully centralize their social advertising business for exponential efficiency.


The Brand’s marketers leveraged 5 features in the Unified Platform to make their social media advertising more efficient.

  • Goal:

    • Eliminate wasted time resulting from campaigns being accessed and reported on through multiple social partners.

    • With the Partner Connector,all teams accessed the same campaign data, eliminating silos, communication errors, and inconsistent analysis.The Investment Dashboard allowed marketers to quickly view the high-level summary of their initiatives across all 12 sub-brands. Paid Intelligence eliminated the need for manual reports. Marketers could effortlessly create tailored reports on demand for any of their 750+ campaigns.
  • Goal:

    • Access real-timecampaign data to leverage opportunities as they come up.

    • The Pacing Dashboard enabled teams to view and analyze data for real-time campaigns, ad accounts, ad groups, and creative, allowing marketers to act on ad hoc opportunities. The Optimizer automatically moved budget to the highest performing ads in real-time.

As a result of this new, big-picture view of its social business, The Prominent Telecom Brand was able to minimize missed opportunities and increase social investments.


After consolidating all social efforts into the Unified Platform, the company saw:


effortlessly managed by teams connected through the Partner Connector, 3 brands newly won.


effortlessly managed by teams connected through the Partner Connector.


of the Brand’s social business visible in one clear, consistent Investment Dashboard.


increase in social budget after reviewing impressive results in reports provided by Paid Intelligence


managed effortlessly in real-time within the Pacing Dashboard.

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