How This Regional Food Retailer Used Facebook Carousel Ads To Make People Hungry To Shop For Groceries

By: Unified


Although we are neck-deep in a digital world, the concept of shopping for groceries online is still relatively foreign to the majority of Americans. With only 25% of the population buying groceries online, marketers at a Regional Food Retailer were faced with the predicament of driving shopping-minded users to their website. In the end, their objective was to get customers to sign up for an online account where they could access coupons, create shopping lists and reserve merchandise for in-store pickup. To do so, The Retailer needed to leverage Facebook in a way where they could show an array of merchandise to entice users to visit their site.


Facebook Carousel Ads allow marketers to showcase up to 5 distinct ads with 5 unique URLs that are automatically optimized by performance. This gives advertisers the flexibility to cast a wider net to attract their desired audience and drive traffic to multiple pages on their website.

Variety is the spice of life, and that mantra certainly applies to social advertising campaigns as well. Simply put, giving users more options without taking up a lot of real estate in their News Feed, can be very effective for companies like retailers, who sell a lot of different products that would appeal to a lot of different audiences.

For this particular campaign, The Regional Food Retailer worked with Unified to devise a test comparison of Facebook Carousel Ads and Facebook Link Ads to see which one got them closer to their goal of coercing offsite clicks. The approach incorporated several tactics, including:


Due to the fact that customers would need to reserve online and pick up in-store, geo-targeting was a key component of the overall strategy. This way, any user interested in making a purchase would be able to schedule an order on their website and pick it up at a convenient location.

Whether a customer was a coupon clipper, avid planner or simply just hated to wait in lines, The Regional Food Retailer was able to develop ads that would appeal to each. The ads, which clicked through to various parts of their website, were served to users that indicated an interest in competitive retailers, grocery stores, and produce.



Lower Cost Per Click Compared To The Link Ad Campaign.


Higher Click-Through Rate Compared To The Link Ad Campaign.


If you have a wide variety of products or services, Facebook Carousel Ads are more effective than standard Link Ads in driving off-site clicks. In this case, The Regional Food Retailer also saw lower CPCs and implemented geo-targeting to encourage meaningful conversions as well.

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