DIY Ideas Achieve A Surprisingly Low CPE For This Popular Grocery Brand

By: Unified


When your brand has been around for upwards of 150 years, you run into a whole new universe of potential challenges. For one, how to keep consumers interested and intune across decades, generations and geographies. In fact, this kind of emotional distance from brands is quite common, with 45.0% of Americans describing their relationship with brands as just “an acquaintance.” Luckily for marketers, highly visual and effective social platforms like Pinterest offer marketers the opportunity to create real connections and dialogue, as opposed to traditional “push” messaging. But how can a brand leverage social to develop relationships? With the aide of Unified’s expertise, a Popular Grocery Brand was able to devise a Pinterest strategy to relate to their most relevant audience.


As one of the most competitive industry categories, CPG brands have to work hard to create value and stand out from the crowd. Marketers needed a way to generate enough awareness and engagement for their initiative, but in a way that would substantiate their brand in the minds of their consumers. Working with the Unified team, The Brand used the following strategy to forge the beginning of an ongoing relationship with Pinterest users.


With 60.0% of active Pinterest users using the platform as a “go-to” source for D.I.Y. and crafts, helpfulness is highly valued. Understanding this trend, the campaign focused intently on creating “how-tos” for audiences, from table settings to picking the perfect produce. This, in effect, did two things: first, it removed the stigma of advertising which often carries a perception that a brand only cares about the bottom line, and second, it associated The Brand with useful information. The kicker? Users needed to click through to the website to access the information.


As one of the top 2 most visual platforms, brands have to step up their visual game. Opting for beautiful, highly professional quality imagery, The Brand did two things. First, tie the promotion to a major company milestone which tempted users to relate by reading more about the history of the company. And second, with 150 tips total carefully organized in an extensive board, a user could spend days happily sifting through content, keeping The Brand front of mind longer.


As the first campaign The Brand ran on Pinterest, there was no historical data to help identify the best possible audience. As a result, Unified experts deployed a strategy that would drill down interests within a very broad group. Specifically, they focused on women of all ages, ethnicities, education and income levels, then leverageding over 200 combinations of keywords to identify the audience that is most receptive. As a result, The Brand was able to pinpoint significant differences in which interests were most effective.



Lower CPE Than Customer Goal.


In today’s landscape, one of the best ways brands can stay relevant is by giving consumers something they find useful. While this may seem rather apparent, the devil is always in the details. In this case, providing users with enticing imagery, a wide variety of content they would need to click off-site to see and targeting that deployed a comprehensive focus on interests within a broad audience were all effective tactics.

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