Deutsch And Unified Drive Social ROI For M&M’s World Using Facebook’s Newsfeed Marketing

By: Unified


In Q1 2013, M&M’s World wanted to drive social media awareness and engagement of a new offer in their physical and online stores. M&M’s World and Deutsch, Inc. leveraged Unified’s Platform as their cloud marketing system of record to plan, launch, and optimize a strategic Facebook News Feed campaign.


  • Easy amplification of multiple page posts including Facebook offers and photos
  • Ensuring 100% Newsfeed inventory
  • Reaching M&M’s target audiences and testing multiple custom interest segments



Social ROI Delivery.


Earned Claims Of The M&M’s World Offer.


Earned Page Likes.


Earned Facebook Post Likes, Showing Positive Consumer Sentiment.


Earned Photo Views.


Unified’s Platform is designed for top brands and agencies, like Deutsch and M&M’s World, to break through the Facebook News Feed. This practice is becoming more important than ever as the News Feed is the most effective vehicle to drive social media ROI, far outperforming right-rail inventory. Brands leveraging the newsfeed should have a social marketing system that enables them to test and measure both desktop and mobile newsfeed, as consumption habits on each device often vary. Breaking through the newsfeed enables brands to drive engagement, activate audiences, and scale social media ROI.

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