How CPG Brands Can Use Pinterest: An Always-On Strategy

Lindsey Pizula

By: Lindsey Pizula

Senior Strategist

Pinterest is the perfect environment to reach users who are in a discovery mindset but also open to product recommendations from brands. In fact, users on the platform rate ads on Pinterest 1.4x more relevant and useful than those on other platforms. 75% of Pinners say they’re “very interested” in new products vs. only 55% of people on other digital platforms. Pinterest households are 29% more likely to try a new product within the first 10 months of launch than non-Pinner households. When looking at the first 30 days after a product launch, the Pinner “trial rate” was 40% higher than that of non-Pinners. Pinterest also helps brands explore authentic opportunities to connect with users by providing top Pinterest searches every month as well as a yearly calendar of key searches and timing that brands can align their content with.

Amidst a global pandemic, Pinterest has allowed brands to help Pinners cope with their new reality. By providing creative ideas and helpful how-tos during a time filled with uncertainty, brands have given Pinterest users a sense of comfort. With Pinners in a future-focused mind frame, the platform is better able to aggregate and predict user needs, and consumers are asking for inspiration now more than ever. Pinners are relying on brands to paint a clear picture of what is to come and provide ways to plan. Pinners depend on brands to show leadership and ideas – not just to cope, but to reimagine how they can create a life they love.

Pinterest During COVID-19

During COVID-19, Pinterest has experienced the most engagement on the platform, ever.

Searches for the following potential CPG-related topics (among others) spiked immediately after stay-at-home orders began and has remained strong throughout:

Pinterest During COVID-19

Messaging During Covid-19

Simple copy tweaks and clever repurposing can turn your brand’s existing assets into relevant content.

  • Acknowledge that environments have changed; be transparent with consumers.
  • Ease user stress by highlighting how your company can help (i.e. making working from home easier, helping keep your kids entertained)
  • Inspiring and positive messages
  • Provide comforting words and a sense of availability (i.e. ”We’re here for you.”)
  • Provide empathy for a range of different circumstances

Parents on Pinterest

Parents are powerful consumers year-round – they are the ultimate decision makers when it comes to household purchases, and Pinterest is proud to help parents with these every day responsibilities.

  • 6 in 10 US Parents are on Pinterest, reaching 86% of all moms and 42% of dads.
  • Pinterest is the #1 digital destination among parent Pinners when it comes to problem solving.
  • Parent Pinners are highly engaged – they save and search more than the average US Pinner.
  • Authenticity and inspiration are the most important brand qualities for parent Pinners.
  • 93% of parents on Pinterest said the platform has helped them organize ideas and inspirations to execute later on.

Pinterest found that one of the top stressors for Parents with kids ages 3-5 was keeping children entertained (without screens), especially with the increased time at home. This gives CPG brands an opportunity to offer support and ease to parents year-round on Pinterest, if applicable.

Best Practices on Pinterest

Visually Appealing
Pinterest is a visual platform; it is imperative that creative is eye-catching and sparks inspiration. Lean into colors that are often associated with your brand and products.

Your brand’s Pins should help users understand why your product is the right fit for them. Use images that provide context and bring your product to life. Clearly show how users would use your products in their everyday life.

Make Your Product The Focal Point
Put products front and center. Include the your logo (in a subtle way) so there is quick brand association for users.

Use Text To Tell A Story
Leverage text overlay to make your Pins stand out and to add additional context. Keep text concise so it is easy to read on mobile.

How Pinterest Will Help You Hit Your Brand’s Goals

To support and capitalize on their extremely engaged and product-exploratory audience, Pinterest has made their platform more shoppable for consumers, reducing as much friction as possible from platform to purchase.

Product and One-tap Pins help get your products in front of Pinners who are already searching for ideas and things to buy. Additionally, Pinterest users will now be able to browse available inventory from the newly added “Shop” tabs on Search and Pin boards. Now, when a Pinner visits one of their boards containing shoppable items, they’ll see a new Shop tab there, too. The new Shop tabs also make checkouts easier, linking Pins directly to the checkout page of a brand’s website, encouraging transactions. Pinterest has also improved their visual search tool to make more products shoppable from Pins.

Social media has emerged as the fastest growing driver of ecommerce referral, and according to eMarketer, the majority of social commerce in the US takes place on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Given the nature of the platform, Pinterest is arguably the most fitting platform for CPG brands to be on year-round.

Searching / Shopping For Products

CPG Brands on Pinterest: At A Glance

What Are Brands Doing on Pinterest?

Year-Round Themes to Consider

  • Back-to-School
  • Decorating the Household
  • At-Home Entertainment Ideas
  • Self-Care at Home

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