Best of CES 2020: Top 3 Tech Trends

By: Unified

Unified had a presence at CES this year in partnership with The Green Room Lounge. As the presenting sponsor, we got a ton of facetime with potential prospects, got our swag out there, and had our future clients attending happy hours and dinners in style with blow-outs courtesy of Dry Bar. There were some big announcements at CES this year, here are a few of the standouts:

1| Toyota’s “Woven City”

Toyota’s “Woven City”

Akio Toyoda’s keynote on Monday made good on his promise from his 2018 CES announcement to advance “Toyota from a car company to a mobility company” by introducing the “Woven City” concept. Toyota revealed plants for a smart city to be built on a 175-acre site in Japan, at the base of Mt. Fuji. This utopian community would be fueled by hydrogen and solar, and surprisingly absent would be the automaker’s bread and butter -- cars. Instead, people movers, pedestrian walkways, and autonomous EVs like the e-Palette below would be the dominant form of transportation. Wood homes would be equipped with AI routines and robots inside. The groundbreaking for the site is planned for early 2021 but there are no plans for completion announced yet.

Read more in Toyota's press release.

2| Foldables

Image Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET

You’ve heard of wearables - but foldables are the newest tech phase. At CES, Intel debuted its "Horseshoe Bend" design - a 17-inch tablet that  folds in half to become a 12.5-inch laptop with a touchscreen on one half and a touch keyboard and touchpad on the other. Lenovo showed off its Thinkpad X1 Fold and Dell showed off two foldables, the Concept Ori and the Concept Duet.

3| Kitchen Gadgets + Food

Kitchen Gadgets + Food
Image courtesy of Amy Lombard, Wired

Beyond the typical smart fridges, this year’s CES had a slew of kitchen gadgets on display. My personal favorite? Boozy Bots.

Keurig demonstrated “Drinkworks,” a device very similar to the familiar coffee pod system, that replaces espresso with alcohol. Claiming to make “two dozen bar-quality cocktails at the push of a button,” it’s available only in select markets for pre-order.

The “Best in Food” has already been named by several of the trades as being the debut of Impossible Pork, brought to you by Impossible Foods, the maker of the Impossible Burger.

Pork is the most-consumed meat on the planet, so this new product takes the company's mission of eliminating animal farming by 2035 one step closer to completion. Impossible is also launching Impossible Sausage, available at select US location Burger Kings via the form of breakfast sandwiches at the end of the month.

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