Ayzenberg & Unified Drive, Measure & Scale Social ROI For The Launch Of The Hit Game Injustice: Gods Among Us

By: Unified


Generating buzz. Ayzenberg leveraged the Unified Platform as a cloud-based single system of record to measure and optimize their owned and earned social media initiatives. Leading up to the launch of the console game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Ayzenberg was developing a comprehensive social media strategy to generate buzz around the game. The strategy leveraged multiple social tactics to drive traffic to the Injustice Battle Arena, where consumers could vote on, share, and interact with the brand.


Earned media measurement. Ayzenberg utilized Unified’s suite of social media marketing solutions, ensuring effective earned media measurement of the impact of both Facebook posts and Injustice properties. Using Unified’s ROI framework, Ayzenberg was able to seamlessly measure their social media ROI, analyze ROI trends, and compare the value of their earned media value from paid and organic channels.



Photo Views


Shared Across FB & Twitter.


Facebook Post Likes.


Facebook Page Likes.


Video Views


Unique Earned Actions Tracked.


Unified’s Platform is a cloud-based marketing platform designed for top brands and agencies, like Ayzenberg and Injustice, to seamlessly and effectively innovate in the social media space. The Unified Platform enabled the agency to use a single system of record for their complete owned and earned strategies, saving the agency valuable time and resources. The Unified Platform allowed for complete social ROI measurement, aligning and guiding strategic paid campaigns, and the results exceeded all projections.

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