Auto Brand Used Unified’s Audience Intelligence To Enhance Facebook Targeting And Uncover Valuable Audiences

By: Unified


As many marketers know, a brand has multiple audiences for various products. And, without accurate and detailed insight into who these customer segments are, marketers are essentially building their strategies, creative and targeting blindfolded. So how can a brand reach the right audience with the right messaging at the right time? This was the question executives were asking themselves at an International Auto Brand, who had a hunch that a more comprehensive analysis of their customers was critical to achieving their goals moving forward. Working with Unified’s team of experts, The Auto Brand was able to use Unified’s Audience Intelligence dashboard to not only pull CRM and social audience data, but translate it into actionable insights.


With the automotive industry so laser-focused on digital that they’re projected to spend upwards of $7B on advertising this year, the need for more sophisticated tactics and uses of budget dollars is more important than ever.

In this case, The International Auto Brand was planning to introduce a new vehicle to consumers, and wanted to ensure that they received maximum awareness, video views and engagement for their big launch.

The only way to do that while finding the best use of advertising budgets was to build more in-depth, robust segmentation that they could base campaign targeting and creative on.

Unified’s Audience Intelligence employs 3 main features that were used to identify the most critical audiences for The Brand:


Customers and potential customers who visit a brand’s website may differ slightly on Facebook. Therefore The Auto Brand analyzed CRM audiences via email address, Facebook ID, mobile ID, phone numbers, page likes or video views to determine important trends and affinities.


Marketers were also able to translate thousands of data sets into over 40 unique dimensions with just a few clicks of the mouse, including purchase habits, interests, technology and more.


Once audiences were confirmed, The Brand was then able to instantly deduce the costs associated with marketing to those targeting segments within the intelligence dashboard.


  • 74¢ Projected Rate: Travel (Especially in SF, LA, and NY)
  • 78¢ Projected Rate: Luxury Brands
  • 83¢ Projected Rate: Newlyweds
  • 80¢ Projected Rate: Heavy Mobile Users
  • 75¢ Projected Rate: Medical and Technical Professionals
  • 84¢ Projected Rate: Tech-Savvy
  • 72¢ Projected Rate: Moms (Especially Big City and Corporate Moms)


In order to truly move the dial on campaign performance, marketers must understand the channel-specific attributes of their audience segments. In this case, The International Auto Brand was able to identify the right audiences, and then effortlessly implement these learnings in their campaigns by leveraging advanced intelligence and technology.

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