A Global Auto Brand Proves Facebook Video Can Go Beyond Views To Deliver Real Conversions

By: Unified


When one thinks of an impulse buy, a 3,000 pound product that can easily costs tens of thousands of dollars doesn’t exactly come to mind. And, with a recent study stating that more than 50% of shoppers spend more than 10 hours researching vehicles, marketers at a Global Auto Brand had a lofty challenge in front of them. How to find auto shoppers online who are already in a discovery mode, and engage them enough to visit their website to gain the information needed to usher them through the often lengthy sales process. Working with Unified experts, The Brand decided to leverage video link ads with an in-player call-to-action on Facebook, where 76% of Americans are already discovering content.


After a fairly recent brand re-launch, The Global Auto Brand’s message was to encourage the average responsible, upstanding citizen to bring out their bolder side with a vehicle that was designed to let them indulge their inner adventurer.

All this of course with the intention that potential buyers would click for more information and perform a search to find a dealer.

In order to have their message resonate with Facebook users, marketers leveraged Unified’s campaign services team to put the following strategies in place:


When it comes to social, brands must reach the right people at the right time. In this case, The Global Auto Brand decided to target exclusively to users in the market for or fans of their vehicles within the Chicago area. This hyper-targeting allowed marketers to hone in on the most receptive and serious buyers.


Video content is not only about the visuals, but also about time length. In some cases, longform videos are appropriate when the objective is to accumulate views. In this case, The Auto Brand opted for a 15 second, visually stimulating video to keep the focus on conversions


Facebook’s video link ads not only have a CTA button, but a clickable link on the final frame of the video. Contrary to previous schools of thought, video is a powerful catalyst to capture the attention of users and encourage off-site clicks.



Higher Engagement Rate


More Conversions


Lower Cost Per Conversion


As Facebook video continues to take up more and more of NewsFeed content, marketers should begin to develop strategies to go beyond video views to use ads to generate conversions aligned with their business objectives. In this case, The Global Auto Brand was able to generate phenomenal engagement rates at a lower cost by leveraging the power video link ads with a short time length and precise targeting.

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