An International Auto Brand Uses A 3-Part Twitter Strategy To Entice Super Bowl Fans On Two Screens

By: Unified


With 50 years now under its belt, the Super Bowl continues to be the biggest and most expensive opportunity for brand exposure. In fact, pricing for a 30-second spot has increased by 119.0% since 1967, breaking records with a total advertising spend of $377.0 MM. And with brands paying a $4.8 MM price tag for a single spot, marketers were under added pressure to prove success—a task which can be extremely difficult for push marketing tactics such as television commercials. This was the very challenge advertisers at the Acclaimed Auto Brand faced as one of nine car brands fighting for the same consumers. Not to mention all the non-automotive companies who were also competing on Game Day. Working with Unified’s team of experts, The Brand was able to leverage the powerful combination of Twitter and live video to drive the desired amount of social engagement and impressions.



With such a hefty budget on just 30-seconds, the Acclaimed Auto Brand needed a method to create as much awareness as possible and engage viewers, to not only drive tune in on game day, but to continue social dialogue over the entire course of the campaign. Kickstarting just 3 days prior to the Super Bowl, The Brand worked with Unified to grab the attention of audiences and track chatter growth by putting the following strategy into place:


When marketers began their planning, opting for a more light-hearted tone played a key role in the overall performance of their campaign. In fact, according to Unified’s 2016 Super Bowl analysis, commercials with comedic tones had a 3.6% higher amount of engagements per post on average compared to their non-comedic counterparts. The Acclaimed Auto Brand used this approach to transform their family-safe, highly efficient “mom” car into an amusing wild goosechase that while unlikely, got viewers to chuckle at the very thought. In essence, these comical scenes gave viewers a new, more whimsical way to view the brand, and marketers were able to convey that this was not just an average sedan.


One of the most powerful things about social, is its ability to build anticipation before and during an event by taking advantage of the rise in multi-screen viewing. In this spirit, marketers began creating buzz on mobile through a sequence of Twitter video teasers released in the days leading up to the game. And with the conversation already in motion online, marketers easily guided the audience to tune in on TV. On game day itself, a 3-sequence commercial aired between each break where audiences were incentivized to go between their mobile devices and TVs to continually engage with the story. At the end of the day, this not only amplified The Brand’s visibility, but also supported their hefty investment by reaching fans no matter what device they were using at the time.


While sweepstakes have been around for a long time, social media has transformed and innovated the way they can be executed. For this campaign, The Brand offered fans the chance for their tweet to be featured on live TV. This did two main things. First, they were able to mitigate the typical high costs of providing a prize, because social exposure or status is a prize within itself. Second, it gave marketers the chance to extend positive conversations around their brand well after the Super Bowl champion had been crowned.





Total Impressions


Total Engagement


Video Completions


For any marketer looking to drive an extensive amount of awareness and conversation around their brand, the Super Bowl remains the biggest opportunity. In this case, the Acclaimed Auto Brand’s choice of tone played an integral part, allowing for a fun shift in perspective for a vehicle previously slated mainly for moms. The combination of generating anticipation prior to the game, including a multi-screen approach before and during, as well as a sweepstakes offer, allowed marketers to maintain a consistent amount of engagement before, during and after the game.

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