How Southeast Toyota Drove Success Through Social Campaign Automation

Southeast Toyota partnered with Unified, a Preferred Marketing Developer, to use its real-time social media marketing platform to scale and automate its ad spend across 166 dealership pages, resulting in a 200-hour decrease in marketing man-hours per week spent running the campaign.

VICE Efficiently Optimizes Thousands Of Ads On All Social Channels Using The Unified Platform

VICE Efficiently Optimizes Thousands Of Ads On All Social Channels Using The Unified Platform

How Lexus’s Highly Personalized Approach To Facebook Video Gassed Up Engagement

With the help of Unified’s Automation Engine, Lexus was able to deploy +1,000 personalized videos to create 4,000 Ads and reach over 11.2MM people nationwide. Learn more in our Case Study.

The Three Pillars Of Superior Social Performance

While it’s clear that intelligence, optimization, and expertise are the three pillars of excellent social campaigns, most marketers are still struggling to master them.

Unified Drives In-Store Visits for Coffee Chain with Unique ‘Heart to Remind’ Campaign

This global brand wanted to increase in-store traffic and improve performance on its previous Retweet to Remind campaign by running a Heart to Remind campaign instead.

Unified Helps Financial Services Client Save Big on Social

A client was looking to increase site traffic to two specific services pages, money market and checking accounts.

How Testing a New Video Optimization Strategy Drove Major Returns for this QSR Brand

The brand wanted to drive awareness with video creative, and Unified set out to find the best objective to achieve this: Video Views or Awareness.

How One Leading CPG Brand Determined What Drives Conversions: The Head or the Heart

The CPG brand wanted to understand what type of creative would resonate best with its key customer personas: messaging that appealed to their consumers’ heads or hearts?

How This Expanding Entertainment Brand Brought Its Social Media Advertising In-House

Previously, the Brand ran its social advertising through multiple agencies, but experienced unclear service fees and complete loss of data after an agency transition.