An Entertainment Brand Used Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences To Push A New Streaming Service To Popularity

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An astonishing 62.0% of Americans aged 18-29 have access to streaming video services(1). And with consumers expected to spend 22.0% more on streaming this year, clearly there is a demand for these services—and a promising opportunity for new ventures(2). But how can a brand-new streaming service make a grand enough entrance to break into this thriving industry?

A Leading Movie Entertainment Brand faced this question when planning to entice new users to its recently released, groundbreaking service. Relying on the Unified Platform’s Optimizer and Pacing Dashboard, marketers planned and executed a Facebook campaign that earned cost-effective sign-ups.


While The Brand was thriving on its particular niche within the movie business, it wanted to capitalize on the growing consumer appetite for on-demand, online entertainment. The Brand needed to drive new paid users to sign up for its streaming service, which had recently been released. Since the success of their service was closely entwined with the success of securing service adoption, marketers knew they needed to drive sign-ups—and fast. To promote the service, marketers created a strategy focusing on two vital aspects of the campaign:

Tightened Up Targeting:

Marketers compiled over 25 targeting buckets to test, including a Website Custom Audience (WCA) and a Lookalike Audience based on the WCA. Marketers also used the Unified Platform’s Optimizer, which works as an additional layer of optimization on top of the native tool, to automatically move the budget to the highest performing targeting buckets, ensuring that every dollar was spent efficiently.

A Crowd Of Creative:

Marketers created a wide variety of ads, each tailored to a different movie or show that The Brand would provide with its streaming service. Such an extensive array of creative would attract movie fans of all types. Not only this, but marketers also decreased the chances of ad fatigue by diversifying the ad formats with link, photo link, and photo carousel ads. It would have been nearly impossible for marketers to track the real-time performance of hundreds of ads manually, but with the Unified Platform’s Optimizer, which automatically moved budget to the highest performing creative, and the Pacing Dashboard, which clearly displayed the progress of the campaign in real-time, marketers could effortlessly track the campaign and make any adjustments needed.


The campaign exceeded benchmarks, producing the following results


Lower Cost Per Conversion Than Benchmark.


Lower Cost Per Conversion With Broader Targeting Than Limited.


Breaking into a thriving market can be difficult for a brand—even if the brand is already well established. To attract new customers, marketers should consider targeting the most valuable audiences with highly tailored creative, keeping costs effective while gaining the attention that a new venture needs. This carefully constructed strategy, coupled with the ability to increase optimization with the Unified Platform’s Optimizer and track progress in real-time with the Pacing Dashboard, was key to The Brand’s success.


1. VeraQuest,“US Internet Users Who Have Access To Streaming Video Services, By Demographic, July 2016”

2. Strategy Analytics as cited in press release,“US Consumer Consumer Spending On Video By Format”

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