An Acclaimed TV Network Used An Exact @handle Targeting Twitter Campaign To Stir Up Excitement For An Established Show

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People aren’t spending as much time on TV as they used to. With all the other sources of digital entertainment out there, we’re just too distracted. In the space of 5 years, 18 to 24-year-olds have migrated 40.0% of traditional TV viewing time to other activities(1). In sharp contrast to this decline, social media becomes more and more popular; the average person spends almost two hours on social each day, while today’s teens—tomorrow’s consumers—spend a whopping nine hours a day glued to their mobile screens(2).

While TV and social media may seem like two completely different spheres, it turns out that 29.0% of millennials found out about a new show from a brand posting about it on social media3. Clearly, the two forms of media are linked. So how can entertainment brands create synergies between the two media channels and develop a campaign that’ll drive social-hungry consumers to TV screens?

A Nationally-Acclaimed TV Network faced this challenge when attempting to retain viewership for the season premiere of one of their steadily popular shows. Marketers decided to run a Twitter campaign specifically designed to encourage internet users to click off their computer and device screens and turn on their TVs. Relying on the Unified Platform’s unique Exact @handle Targeting, Optimizer, and Pacing Dashboard, marketers drastically raised the engagement rate threefold while lowering costs.


The Network aimed to drive awareness for the season premiere of their established music reality show. The Brand needed to figure out how to encourage excitement about the new season, even though the show had been around for a few years. Marketers formed the following strategy:

Reaching For The Stars:

Since the show featured celebrity judges, each with an extensive fan following, marketers decided to directly target each judge’s actual fans on Twitter. The Unified Platform’s Exact @handle Targeting was the perfect tool for this situation, allowing marketers to directly target the actual followers of a specific account as opposed to “lookalikes,” which are only similar users from related accounts. After the campaign, marketers reviewed the Unified Platform’s Paid Intelligence report to confirm that the targeting was highly successful and useful for future campaigns.

Catchy Clips:

To create a sense of intrigue, The Network revealed sneak previews of the upcoming season. The short videos displayed succinct clips of scenes with the judges whose fans were targeted, asking for the consumers to join them for the show on the release date. These enticing peeks into the upcoming season, combined with efficient targeting, were primed to create hype around the season premiere. Unified’s Optimizer streamlined spend on the campaign by pushing budget dollars to the highest performing creative, ultimately ensuring that every dollar was spent efficiently. Throughout the campaign, marketers monitored progress in real-time with the Unified Platform’s Pacing Dashboard, watching carefully for any last-minute changes that needed to be made.


This campaign was able to exceed benchmarks and produce the following results:


Higher Engagement Rate Than Benchmark.


Lower CPE Than Benchmark.


Marketers looking to drive awareness for established TV shows should consider targeting narrowly while tailoring creative to each audience. In this case, the Unified Platform’s Exact @handle Targeting provided another layer of precision by allowing marketers to identify and reach the exact following of the celebrities, as opposed to people who just fit the profile of their followers. The Optimizer and Pacing Dashboard ensured that The Network spent their dollars on the best performing Twitter line items, and that marketers were on top of minute-to-minute performance. Together, these components ultimately drove higher engagement rates and a low CPE, allowing The Network to exceed their own expectations.

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