This Acclaimed Auto Brand’s National Approach To Regional Sales Drove Social CPA Efficiency Into Triple Digits

By: Unified


Fulfilling a person’s fantasy of owning their dream car is no easy feat, but this leading Auto Brand aimed to do just that. The promotion allowed potential car buyers to get high caliber vehicles while keeping some serious cash in their wallets. However, as with any company with a franchise model, marketers faced an intriguing challenge. How do you roll out a national sales event on social media that’s designed to drive sales for regional dealerships? The brand worked with Unified experts to plan one of the first campaigns to utilize Twitter’s cutting edge objective based pricing focused on website conversions. The strategy was designed to reach high potential buyers, employ consistent optimization and implement creative updates to help scale the amount of quality conversions.


The campaign objective, although simplistic in vision, was trickier than it may seem.

Not only were marketers tasked with producing up to 6 distinct website conversions such as finding nearby deals or requesting a quote, but also to outperform results from a President’s Day sales event campaign from a few months prior.

Leveraging Unified’s knowledge and technology, the Auto Brand was able to drive efficiency into hyperdrive while scaling conversions. To achieve desired results, four main tactics were implemented using Unified’s Investment Manager and Proprietary Optimization Technology:


A critical part of building cost efficiency is ensuring that your targeting reflects the best possible match for highly receptive users. In this case, 16+ tactics were implemented, including auto keywords and custom-built audience profiles from Datalogix.


Over the 6-week flight, copy and creative were continuously refreshed. In the end, a combination of video, photos and links were used to produce over 40 creative variations and just shy of 190 ads total.


Technology was paramount in monitoring and adjusting performance at an acceptable price. Unified’s campaign service team was able to maximize both Twitter’s native bid optimization, and Unified’s proprietary campaign optimization.


Typically objective based pricing on Twitter is built on either overall engagement or specific actions such as retweets or clicks. Here, the Auto Brand was not only able to choose the actions that were crucial to their initiative, but also optimize bids based on 6 unique website conversions.



More Efficient CPA Compared To Presidents Day Sales Event*.


Decrease in eCPA From Week 1 to 6.


Conversion Actions Tracked and Optimized.


In this case, carefully constructing audience targeting and diversifying creative provided a strong foundation for a highly impactful campaign. This was then amplified significantly once optimization technology was implemented to adjust budgets automatically towards the best performing ads at the best performing price— ultimately leading to a substantial decrease in eCPA over time.

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