A Top Music Reality Show Used Facebook Live Video To Revive TV Tune-In For Its Premiere

By: Unified


As one of the top three most binge-watched genres, reality television has not only an acceptable guilty pleasure, but is also a format that’s largely dependent on live and traditional television channels. However while television is still a key player in the U.S., second only to radio with 226.0MM users per month, getting people to tune into the tube can be a bit tricky. In fact, Americans between the ages of 18 and 49 now spend the majority of their time on digital these days, particularly amongst millennials who spend 39.0% of their time on digital versus 29.0% on live TV. So how can a major network still drive live TV tune-in among this age group? This was the question asked by marketers for a top music reality show, who leaned on Unified experts to find the right Facebook strategy to generate mass awareness.


With 90.0% of young adults between 18-29 are on social media, The Show decided to turn to the largest channel available worldwide—Facebook.

However, as the show was rounding the corner on its 10th season, marketers needed a new way to court desired viewers and encourage them to reach for their remotes.

With the help of the Unified platform’s intuitive campaign organization, The Show was able to clearly tag and test a couple approaches, landing on the following strategy:


Even while still in alpha, The Show recognized the immense synergies between Facebook’s new live video feature and the premiere of the season on live TV. Specifically, leveraging live video as the online “pre-show” promotion, where users could “hang out” before the actual episode aired. This ensured that marketers reached a heavily digital demographic, which if engaged in the content enough had a much higher probability of tuning in. Additionally, the short timing prior to airing made the process seamless for users to take the steps desired by The Show.


Initially, The Show opted to reach their core audience only, which while successful, ultimately limited reach. As a result, marketers used Unified’s advanced optimization and campaign organization to effectively test retargeting, custom audiences and fans. This diversification ended up leading to the opportunity to decrease costs through automatic budget reallocations.


Since engagement was the first step to generating enough interest from their audience groups, The Show decided to encourage users to post comments that the stars could use during the live video session. This “push-pull” approach to live video helped marketers take advantage of one of the fundamental benefits of social media, which is engagement.



Lower Cost Per View Compared To Benchmark.


At the end of the day, The Show was able to effectively use live video to generate interest in their season premiere on live TV in a couple ways. First, by diversifying targeting buckets allowed Unified’s optimizer to significantly drive down costs through automatic budget allocations. Second, by getting the audience to interact with the stars during the Facebook broadcast to pull users in and inspire an audience that is less engaged with television to tune in.

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