A Renowned Auto Brand Drove Users Into Dealerships With A Facebook Local Awareness Ad

By: Unified


It’s no surprise that consumers do quite a bit of research when it comes to finding a car. What may surprise you, however, is that social and mobile automotive promotions inspire an astonishing 60.0% of users to purchase vehicles. And, considering that two thirds of customers purchase a car that was discovered and researched on social media, it’s clear that a carefully constructed social advertising strategy can have immense potential to skyrocket ROI for auto brands. But what combination of targeting, creative, reach, and ad frequency can marketers implement to capitalize on this lucrative opportunity—even during a month notorious for slow auto sales?

A Renowned Automotive Brand faced this very question when planning a national August sales event. With the Unified Platform, The Brand deployed two campaigns: one Reach and Frequency based approach, and one Local Awareness Ad. Combined, the two campaigns ultimately achieved the chief goal of driving qualified buyers into dealerships.


Brand sought to entice consumers with a promising sale, which discounted their newest and most popular car models. The goal was to maximize consumer interest and drive qualified traffic first to The Brand’s website and then, eventually, into stores. To promote the offer, marketers created and deployed the following three-pronged strategy:


As most marketers know, targeting and optimization are critical to the performance of any campaign. In this case, The Brand leveraged Unified’s Optimizer, which added an extra layer of optimization that reallocated budget dollars to the highest-performing targeting buckets each day. This was especially successful as marketers retargeted users who visited their website after viewing an initial ad, because they were confident that these users were in fact their premium audience. This tactic successfully moved consumers to the middle of the marketing funnel, where they were most likely to visit a dealership as a direct result of experiencing the promotion multiple times.


For the second campaign, marketers launched Facebook’s new local awareness ad solution, which determines a user’s specific location and alerts him or her to nearby store locations. Not only did this drive users towards converting more quickly by eliminating the step of searching for dealership locations, but with the help of Unified’s Pacing Dashboard, marketers could also track ongoing performance. In turn, The Brand was able to maximize the value of every dollar spent and make any adjustments needed in real-time, while enabling individual dealerships to optimize staffing support based on the number of people nearby who saw the ad.


In order to ensure the widest relevant reach without subjecting users to ad fatigue, The Brand deployed a campaign leveraging Facebook’s Reach and Frequency feature. The ads had an average frequency of 2—meaning that during the lifetime of the campaign, an average user saw the ad twice. The creative was also a critical component of this tactic, engaging users with multiple short, to-thepoint videos that clearly explained the promotion. Because each video focused on a specific car model, the variety ensured users wouldn’t tire of the content too quickly.


Although this short, twenty seven-day campaign ran during one of the slowest sales seasons of the year, the campaign was able to exceed benchmarks and produce the following results:


Lower Cost Per Store Visit Than Benchmark


Estimated Dealership Visits


Brands in industries that often experience long, complex sales cycles—like the automotive industry—must find the perfect combination of advanced optimization, real-time performance tracking, and the right ad units to find success.

In this case, the unique budget optimization and real-time pacing dashboard found in the Unified Platform gave marketers the flexibility to make changes as needed, streamline budgets to the most lucrative targeting groups, and ensure their dealerships were equipped to handle the influx of incoming shoppers. The vetting power of Facebook was also especially effective, providing selective targeting of active shoppers, shortening the customer journey, and lowering costs.

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