A Major Retailer Used Facebook To Get Coupon-Clippers Online To Convert Offline

By: Unified


For many industries, the digital revolution has outshined its more traditional counterparts in a big way—with retail being no exception. With a consistent dip in in-store traffic of about 9% last year, brick-and-mortar retailers are continuously trying to find ways to uncover the secret sauce to cross-channel purchasing. The good news is, that price is still king, and research strongly suggests that consumers still want to see, touch and feel products in real life. So, how does a brand with both an online and offline presence best utilize both marketing channels in a way that leads to hearing the sweet sound of the cash register ding? This was the challenge that a Major Retail Brand faced as they worked with Unified marketing efforts to craft a social media strategy designed to drive users off-site and in-store.


The premise was a simple one: leverage a platform that could instantly identify users with certain interests online in real-time, and drive them into brick-and-mortar locations.

Given that 60% of consumers choose to shop at a store based on price, marketers created a month-long event whereby users can redeem store coupons for workwear.

As a result, The Brand needed a strong plan of action to create mass awareness with creative that would push people down the purchase path in an efficient way. Leaning on experts using the Unified Platform, The Brand deployed the following Facebook strategy:


The creative for The Brand’s link ads were designed to showcase its products front and center. Big, bold colorful images of the merchandise from the most desirable brands were made the focal point of the posts to generate instant interest and encourage off-site website clicks. Marketers could easily experiment with imagery using Unified’s post swapper to test different combinations of visuals and copy.

There are times when giving users options is a good thing, however in this case it was much more effective to convert consumers with the quickest path to redemption. As such, when users clicked through to the website, a simple landing page with a strong call to action prompting users to print out the coupon was large and clearly visible. Consumers could also search for the closest store to further ease the process.


Prior to this campaign, The Brand only utilized their “core audiences.” Although this was successful, marketers found even more success by expanding the general demographic to everyone between the ages of 21 and 65 while focusing on specific professions and fans of brands they carried in-store. With Unified’s advanced optimization, The Brand was able to organize this audience into meaningful sub-groups that were automatically optimized towards their ultimate business goals.



Decrease In Cost Per Link Click Compared To Benchmark.


Higher CTR Compared To Benchmark


The Retail Brand was able to leverage Facebook to get qualified traffic to its website first by using the Unified Platform to experiment with a wider audience with specific interests and occupations while making sure that their products were front and center in all of their ads. Additionally, they used an easily accessible coupon to further entice and drive these qualified users into physical store locations. Marketers who want to use digital to strengthen performance of their other marketing channels can do so by leveraging social media data to identify and engage the most likely buyers, and then create a simple promotion to usher them down the purchase path.

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