A Global Beverage Brand Achieves A Previously Impossible Level Of Transparency Across 16 Markets

By: Unified


For some of us, it may be hard to imagine the intricacies involved in managing cohesive and effective advertising strategies for a company who operates in 50 markets across the globe, and has 500+ brands to promote. With thousands of employees in the U.S. alone, a Global CPG Company has such a countless number of teams, partners, campaigns and data to keep track of, that one might be at a loss trying to figure out where to even start. Add on the sheer data volume, fragmentation and siloed operations commonly found in social advertising, and you can begin to understand the profoundly complex challenges that the company was up against.

The first step to solving for a lack of social advertising transparency and data enrichment of this magnitude, is to aggregate, normalize, and centralize all those “1’s and 0’s” in a way that makes it actionable. Working with Unified, The Brand was able to accomplish this goal to understand their operations in a way that was simply impossible to accomplish beforehand.


In order to begin the centralization process, The Brand’s executives initially decided to focus on a smaller number of brands out of the full 500—about 46 within 16 markets total—to test the approach. Even with this focused scope, the amount of ad accounts was in the hundreds. Imagine for a moment, that when multiple agencies, partners and internal teams alike created these accounts, they did so in silos. How could marketers keep track and ensure ownership of all of them?


Different Brands


Different Markets

Working with Unified, all of these accounts were consolidated in preparation to be connected into the Unified Platform. This did two major things for The Brand. First, it ensured that the organization maintained ownership of the data from these campaigns which is critical to achieving transparency. And second, it laid the foundation of data enrichment, or in layman’s terms, adding context to otherwise unstructured, raw data.

To give some more concrete perspective on this process, just 1 of the 46 brands in a single market had an overwhelming amount of teams and accounts to be streamlined:


Unique Buying Teams


Unique Ad Accounts

With the groundwork in place, the possibilities were let out of the bottle, so to speak. Once centralized within the Unified Platform, this data was enriched and then was funneled into The Brand’s databases and visualization tools. So answering questions like, “how much did we spend on the Super Bowl across all 16 countries?” become possible without exhausting substantial time, budget or resources. And, the ability to scope new proofs of concept or develop custom methodologies were suddenly feasible.


For any large company, keeping tabs on social advertising data can certainly feel like a long, uncomfortable tumble down a bottomless rabbithole. It’s paramount for any brand, especially large-scale global entities, to regain control and command of their data. Control that persists despite how many teams, tools there are around the world, and regardless of when changes are made to said teams and tools. Not only is this important for security purposes, but also for innovation, streamlining operations and uncovering critical intelligence.

In this case, The Global CPG Company was able to leverage the Unified Platform to centralize ad accounts, provide invaluable context to otherwise siloed or raw data and empower their marketing and analytics teams with insights that were not only actionable but formerly virtually impossible to produce.

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