A Fast-Growing Television Production Studio Uses Twitter’s Logged-Out User Experience To Drive Video Ad Costs To An All-Time Low

By: Unified


Long gone are the days where television shows were produced by a handful of studios vying for a set number of broadcast and cable channels that transmit on a single screen. In today’s landscape, not only do 64.0% of Americans have 2-4 connected devices installed in their home to potentially watch on, but they also have more content than ever with more than 400 original programs to choose from—a number that’s doubled in the past 6 years. Narrow the scope to only include new content on streaming services, and original programming has exploded even more, increasing 193.3% from 2014-2015. So how can an emerging TV studio compete? This was the very challenge that marketers at a major, fast-growing television production studio faced as they sought out to gain awareness for the second season of one of their original shows. Working with Unified, the company was able to use Twitter in a new way to meet and exceed their business goals.


Rock Out With the Logged-Out

In order for this campaign to be successful, The Studio sought to generate as much awareness as possible by leveraging video that featured key scenes from one of their shows. The show itself, which is a music-themed dramedy (i.e. a comedic drama) filled with tales of money, romance and the pursuit of success had plenty of interesting content to choose from. However with all of the competing content, marketers needed to not only leverage social in their overall marketing strategy, but rethink their targeting in order to create new advocates for their show. To reach their business goals, The Studio worked with Unified to craft a 3 part strategy:

Hyper-Precise Promotion

While many campaigns create targeting that includes a diverse collection of group components that include demographics, keywords and devices, The Studio decided to zero in on only one gender and age range. Any keywords included were also severely restricted to current events and interests, even going as far as excluding those that may appeal to the group but were released years ago such as the Titanic movie. Since marketers knew their core audience, this allowed them to intrinsically go for users that would be most likely to engage.

Reeling In The Logged-Out

By using Twitter’s brand new logged-out user experience option, The Studio was able to continue to target this specific audience regardless of whether or not they were logged into the platform. This would include activity such as users who click on Tweets via Google Search as well as visit a logged-out profile page. Essentially, The Studio is able to expand it’s targeting pool without sacrificing their focus.

Multi-Channel Amplification

The Studio was able to use Twitter to strengthen their other channels which included various media and PR exposure to create a synergy. This was primarily done by leveraging second screen messaging and a diversified distribution strategy across channels for their video content.



Cost Per Engagement


Decrease In Cost Per Engagement Compared To Not Using Twitter Logged-Out Experience

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