A Digital TV Studio Drove A Triple-Digit Increase In Cost Efficiency On Facebook And Instagram

By: Unified


With a whopping 50.8% of the American population binge-watching TV online, the streaming landscape has seen a huge influx of content by studios in efforts to keep up with demand. But with thousands of shows and an equally intimidating amount of content creators, how can marketers cut through the clutter to get audiences to watch their programs? This was the obstacle that an Acclaimed TV Studio faced when launching a campaign for a brand new original series. Working with Unified’s social media marketing experts, The Studio embarked on a mission to build engagement and excitement around the show and increase audience tune-in.


Our childhood experiences of watching television continues to fade. In fact, 76.0% of Americans believe that streaming services will replace traditional TV within the next few years—a trend that has already begun to emerge. This is both good and troubling news for The Studio, whose digital focus presents an opportunity to get ahead of the curve, but not without the same or more lofty challenge of content congestion to battle. For a solution, advertisers turned to Facebook and Instagram where they could create a completely immersive visual story to entice audiences. Leveraging Unified’s powerful advertising platform, they deployed the following strategy:


Since the success of any campaign is dictated by its business goal, marketers needed to ensure that they chose wisely from over a dozen campaign objective options available to them. In this case, The Studio settled on a brand awareness objective coupled with Unified’s Advanced Optimization to efficiently source which of over 1 billion Facebookers and 500MM Instagrammers would be most likely to recall their ads. This option was critical, because it allowed marketers to not only garner the most exposure possible, but the most relevant exposure possible.


The key to effective marketing is telling an exceptional story. Instead of opting for standard images and copy, The Studio built a sense of mystery by initially teasing users with key characters that added to the mystique of the show. As time went on, marketers layered on additional components to their visuals with various simple cinemagraphs and gifs. This in effect, created a unique escape from everyday life for audiences, who could immerse themselves in the fabricated world The Studio created. Lastly, Unified’s power features make the process of phasing in creative extraordinarily simple, allowing marketers to cut down the task down to just a few clicks.


In addition to the brand awareness objective, it was important to choose the right targeting mix. Using The Unified Platform, The Studio was able to intuitively organize and test a combination of ad sets by initiative and channel, including lookalikes, competing programs, associated actors and genres.




More Efficient CPV/CPE Compared To Using The Engagement Objective.


More Efficient CPE Compared To Using The Engagement Objective.



More Efficient CPM Than The Photo Click Objective


More Efficient CPV Than The Photo Click Objective


For brands looking to drive an extensive but relevant amount of exposure, the Brand Awareness objective is proven to have 60.0% higher ad recall on average than page post engagement. In this case, not only was the choice of campaign objective crucial, but the ability to slowly immerse users in an ongoing, compelling story as well as leverage the Unified Platform to carefully refresh creative, test numerous targeting groups and organize in the way marketers typically plan became the defining factor for success.

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