A Best-Selling CPG Brand Finds A Remarkably Effective Way To The Pinterest User’s Heart Through Their Stomach

By: Unified


If you think about it, when it comes to variety, a walk through the grocery store is a lot like a scroll through your social media feed—both offer a seemingly neverending choice of content and brands to consume and engage with. For example, a walk down the pasta aisle can potentially offer 50 distinct brands, each with multiple flavors to choose from. Similarly, a trip to Pinterest gives you approximately 14 million new pins per day to scroll through, with 57.0% of users browsing food products. So how can a CPG food brand compete in such a climate? That is the challenge marketers at a Best-Selling CPG Brand were contemplating. With advertising on the platform still in its infancy, The Brand worked with Unified experts to devise a strategy to exceed all business goals.


There’s an old saying that suggests genius is a combination of inspiration and perspiration. In this case, awareness and ultimately engagement were a recipe of inspiration and extensive targeting. As a Best-Selling Brand with over 30 varieties of sauces available to consumers, the goal of the campaign was to inspire users with different ways to use their products in an effort to create conversations (and hopefully a trip or two to the store). Working with Unified’s team of experts, The Brand launched their first Pinterest campaign leveraging the following tactics:


Savory spaghetti squash with vegetables, mouthwatering homemade pizza, zesty pasta with plump pieces of shrimp—if reading the words gets your stomach growling, just imagine these dishes in big, bold color in your Pinterest feed. Not only was the creative enticing but it was informative as well, helping the hangry everywhere recreate these dishes and more with simple recipes. And, if a user liked what they saw, they could potentially plan a whole week’s worth of dinners by visiting other boards from The Brand.


When advertising on any social platform for the first time, a common and effective strategy is to cast a wide net that can be optimized down to the most lucrative mix of targeting. This is precisely what Uni ed deployed, with over 75 distinct keywords. Carefully chosen, each combination was relevant to the recipes, common food searches and the desired audience.


While men are steadily cooking more and more, women across the globe still spend 52.0% more time cooking, with American women spending 23.1% more time in the kitchen than their male counterparts. With this knowledge firmly in hand, The Brand focused their audience strategy on appealing to the cross-section of women who were also interested in the foods their recipes focused on.



Lower CPE Than Customer Goal.


Marketers who are brand new to Pinterest and are still fine-tuning their strategy can take a few main lessons from this campaign. First, that for a visual audience like Pinterest’s, big and bold creative is the way to go to attract attention among thousands of posts. Second, add an element of usefulness to your campaign that’s relevant to your end goal. In this case, The Brand wanted to inspire and drive in-store traffic, so recipes were the perfect choice. Add in the fact that recipes are the second most popular category pinners interact with, and it became a home run. Lastly, develop key learnings about effective targeting by keeping general elements broad (e.g. women only) and combine that with a wide variety of custom-tailored targeting (e.g. 75+ combinations of keywords).

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