5 Social Media Advertising Strategies To Try This Summer

By: Unified

Sunshine is streaming through the office windows, weekend beach plans are putting a spring in your step—but how can you bring summer spirit to your social advertising? These top 5 trending social advertising strategies will help keep your brand top-of-mind for consumers this summer and beyond.

1. Video Ads

The king of content is just getting started.

Video has fast become one of social advertisers’ favorite ad formats. It’s a popular format for ads during award shows and, of course, the Super Bowl. Consumers watch video constantly, and if you need proof, the stats are undeniable:


of YouTube videos are watched by consumers each day.


the amount of time is spent on Facebook and Instagram videos than static content.


of Twitter’s audience watches video content.


Snapchat video views are generated by users every single day.


of consumers say videos on Pinterest inspire them to take action.

Take advantage of the world’s largest video sharing platform. Run a campaign with YouTube’s in-stream ads. To engage users, consider keeping video length brief and content focused. Under Armour, for one, has mastered the art of grabbing attention in a short amount of time.

2. Local Ads

One of the most effective ad types for ROI is even more effective in the summer.

Running location-specific ads is a great way to draw users into stores, or simply promote brand awareness in tandem with local events. This tactic is particularly relevant during summer and early fall months, when people are out and about enjoying sunny weather.

This summer, brands will be using more and more local ad formats and targeting, such as the popular Snapchat Geofilters and Facebook Store Visits Ads.

Get millennial with an engaging local ad.

Drive consumers into stores with one of Snapchat’s Geofilters. They’re eye-catching and effective at enticing consumers into brick-and-mortar locations. Or, in the case of Coca-Cola’s ingenious holiday card geofilter campaign, they can push consumers to temporary locations too!

3. In-Platform Messaging

Brands are starting to advertise right in between messages from friends and family.

Billions of people around the world have hopped on the Messenger and WhatsApp trend. Messaging apps are becoming increasingly popular, so much so that almost half the US population uses them.

And they’re starting to open up to advertisers.

Become a messaging app advertising pioneer.

Try Facebook Messenger, an efficient in-platform messaging app. One brand even found that Messenger ads lowered costs by 49%.

4. Social Causes

It seems like every college classmate and family friend is taking to social media to promote various causes—and advertisers are no different.

Forbes showed that consumers want to give their business to companies that care, and so far in 2018, many companies are taking note. Yoplait tackled mom-shaming, Toyota pushed religious tolerance, and Coca Cola celebrated diversity. Why not join the giants?

But be careful: when participating in humanitarian initiatives, the most successful brands align with causes and organizations that feel organic. Consumers quickly recognize advertisers that approach these initiatives authentically versus those that are purely profit-driven.

Make your ad the next equalizer.

Promote a meaningful social cause with a trendy video ad format—Instagram Stories. Learn the ABCs of Instagram Stories here.

5. Data Ownership

It’s not just consumers who are demanding data ownership.

As of late, data ownership is a hot ticket item. While it used to be a topic only tech companies and tech aficionados were concerned with, nowadays, even the average American can tell you they’re somewhat knowledgeable about current issues on this subject. Trendy articles about ownership have flooded the internet.

In the social advertising industry, nearly sixty percent of marketers report that they have partial to no transparency into social advertising campaign performance. They’re realizing that this is because they don’t have full data ownership—and that it’s a serious problem.

Take advantage of the trend.

If you don’t know already, discover whether or not your brand owns its data—then take control.

As you can see, there are plenty of strategies to keep your brand fresh for summer, from switching up your ad format to promoting a heartfelt cause.

Have questions about further strategies? Want to show us a cool campaign you ran recently? Contact us on our social media channels.

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