5 Reasons You’ll Want To Take Advantage Of Pinterest’s Promoted Video with Autoplay

By: Unified

As most social media marketers know, Pinterest’s Promoted Video ads were a hit with advertisers and consumers alike when they were released last year. Compared to standard Pins, they drove higher brand favorability and were rated as 3x more memorable by users.

What you may not know is that Pinterest has been testing Autoplay Video Ads since May—and recently made them available through Pinterest’s Marketing Partners program. Pinterest’s Promoted Videos are clearly a strong ad format, and now the 67% of consumers who say videos on Pinterest inspire them to take action will have more video content to captivate their attention.

This is exciting news for advertisers, and here’s why: Pinterest’s Promoted Video with Autoplay ads are primed to drive more video views at competitive CPVs and increase the receptivity of your premium audiences with brand-new targeting and placement options. Read on to discover 5 reasons why autoplay videos will work perfectly for your next video advertising campaign.

1. DIY Campaigns Are No Longer Your Only Option

Now that Pinterest has made this format available to its Marketing Partners, you can leverage their expertise, best practices, and software technology to ensure your campaign’s best possible performance.

This means that you don’t have to spend unnecessary time, budget, or resources, because these companies have the expertise to make your campaigns go from mediocre to megastar—if we do say so ourselves.

2. Autoplay Pins Are Easily Accessible

It will be easier than ever for consumers to see and experience your creative. Available in home feeds, search, and Related Pins, your ads will be seen by intent-focused consumers no matter where they are on Pinterest. Additionally, when people are accessing Pinterest via mobile, which is 80% of the time, sound can be initiated with a simple tap of a finger.

This increased accessibility means that your audience can’t help but see your product on Pinterest—making it much easier to drive engagements or conversions.

3. You Can Target Your Most Valuable Audiences

We’ve already established that people will be able to see the autoplay videos everywhere. But how will advertisers know they’re reaching the right, most valuable consumers? Pinterest has enhanced its ability to target based on interests, keywords, and first-party audiences with brand-new targeting options based on gender, DMA, and mobile devices.

With these new targeting choices, you can find, reach, and engage your premium audiences to drive optimal customers straight to your product or website.

4. Tracking Your KPIs Will Be A Piece Of Cake

Pinterest is also expanding their measurement capabilities. Here’s a sampling of all the metrics you can use:

MetricDefinitionImpressionsThe number of times your ad was shownVideo ViewsThe number of times your video was viewed (a view is defined as 2 seconds, while being 50% in view)Quartile ViewsHow many consumers have watched 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of your videoCompletion RateThe number of video views that were 100% completed divided by the total number impressions receivedEngagement RateThe number of engagements (i.e. saves, clicks, and close-ups) generated divided by the total number impressions receivedClick-Through-RateThe number of clicks divided by the total number of impressions receivedSave RateThe number of saves divided by the total number of impressions receivedAverage Watch TimeThe time consumers spent watching your video on average

Earned metrics, tracked when a user shares your video, will be available as well.

As the seasoned social media marketer knows, the more metrics, the merrier the advertiser. Make sure you know the benefits and limitations of each metric, and if you can track custom KPIs, that’s even better!

5. Only Businesses Need Apply

In contrast to other social networks, only businesses will be able to use Promoted Video with Autoplay. User-generated content (UGC), while highly popular on other platforms, can only leverage Pinterest’s native video tool without autoplay.

This gives you a leg up in case a Pinner scrolls past a UGC Pin and your Promoted Video side-by-side. The movement of your autoplay video will automatically attract more attention than the UGC Pin.

As you can see, whether it’s advanced targeting, increased visibility, or successful tracking that you’re after, adding Pinterest’s new Promoted Video with Autoplay to your media mix has tremendous potential to help you make—not miss—your key business goals.

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