4 Conferences Every Advertiser Should Attend

Mike Worrell

By: Mike Worrell

Marketing relies on a few important factors to forge an emotional bond among its target consumers, four of these components involve storytelling, creative communication, technology touchpoint expertise and how all of these practices will resonate with consumers and affect their attitudes and behaviors. We researched multiple marketing summits and recommend any marketer to attend, or research, the following four:

1| Future of Storytelling Summit - Shaping The Narrative

Future of Storytelling Summit - Shaping The Narrative

The Future of Story Telling (FoST) summit brings together creative people from multiple disciplines and examines their perspectives on how to best telegraph information and emotions in new and consumer-relevant ways. The FoST community encompasses the worlds of media, technology, and communication with a focus on creating stories for multiple media channels. The goal of the summit is to bring like-minded people together, from a spectrum of communication verticals, to share techniques and elevate content creators through collaborative innovation and sharing. The summit features intimate, speaker-led roundtables, hands-on workshops and immersive exhibitions. Attendees are expected to be active participants, rather than passive viewers, making the experience more interactive and unique to all.

2| ANA’s 2020 Masters of Marketing Conference - Listening to Experts

ANA’s 2020 Masters of Marketing Conference - Listening to Experts

The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) is the world’s premier marketing and advertising organization. It represents the most powerful and influential brands in existence with aggregate spending of over $400 billion annually. Their premier event, the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, hosts 3,000 marketers each year. The conference features elite industry experts from successful brands and their agency partners discuss marketing and advertising trends and showcase effective strategies, tactics, and case studies. The topics and speakers are the most innovative and successful in the industry; and the future of marketing that they envision is invaluable to attendees who would like to understand the current marketing environment and anticipate future challenges and opportunities.

3| CES - 2021 - Understanding Upcoming Technology

CES - 2021 - Understanding Upcoming Technology

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a massive gathering for emerging consumer electronic technologies that takes place in January each year. For over 50 years, companies have showcased their cutting-edge advancements— some real and some fantasy. Launches at CES will influence future products and consumer usage so it is valuable to spot trends, create buzz and evaluate new technologies for communication, entertainment, and utility. Between XR (VR/AR/MR), 5G, spatial computing, AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning) and IoT (Internet of Things), marketers will soon face new technologies that provide the opportunity to create innovative consumer experiences across devices we can’t imagine yet. CES may not focus on marketing as much as the other conferences on this list, but it is crucial for advertisers to be aware and anticipate the next emergent tech on the horizon, how it will disrupt current communication channels and to develop strategies that can compete for consumers’ attention in an evolving technology-centric market.

4| Cannes Lions- The Importance of Creative

Cannes Lions- The Importance of Creative

The world famous Cannes festival explores the value of creativity in brand communication. While FoST focuses on the mechanics of the storytelling formats, Cannes has a broader creative outlook. The award submissions reflect the most prestigious advertising awards available in the industry; and attracts the most ambitious minds and creative talents in the world. The expert panels and submitted work are exceptional examples of advertising campaigns launched each year. Cannes delves into the methodologies, achievements, and creative approaches across all verticals and brand types.

From product and service developments to the creative strategy, execution and impact, all the mentioned conferences and summits will provide a valuable education for marketers looking to shape the future of their brands and relationship with their consumers.

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