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The Good Side of Social

Social Media has ignited a profound change in our everyday experience, and it has become woven into the fabric of our culture. But with chan

The Unified Credo

by Peter Albano Account Strategy Lead, Client Services When I joined Unified five years ago I was impressed that the Account Management

7 Trends Sure to Impact Social Media Advertising in 2020

As we head into the final months of 2019, there are a number of trends that we believe will be of prevalent conversation and focus in 2020.

Value of a Social Follower

With Facebook’s growing audience sizes and ever-increasing engagement, the number of people and amount of content on the platform is constantly reaching new heights. Should advertisers invest in growing their Facebook Page Followers?

The Consumer Journey: How Social Media Impacts User Behavior

The term “marketing funnel” gets thrown around a lot by marketers/advertisers, but what does it really mean? We know it’s the path consumer

Unified helps HILTI drive purchases with targeting solutions

Hilti partnered with Unified to drive online purchases of its 22-volt cordless product line amongst a niche target audience through Paid Soc

Social Advertising vs Data Privacy: Can there be a Balance?

The argument over whether or not social advertising is effective is long over, and the conversation has since shifted to data sharing and privacy intrusion.

Facebook Messenger: What is in store for the latter half of 2019?

Facebook continues to invest in Messenger year after year - in 2019, it is reported that a whopping 1.3 billion people use the app every month, with 20 billion messages sent through the app each month.

The Power of Compound Interest in Company Building

by Josh Backer COO and Co-Founder Company culture has been a hot topic in start up land for years and even storied firms like Berkshire

5 Tips to Maximize Your Holiday Social Investments

As the holiday season quickly approaches, retailers are preparing to generate as much as 30% of their annual revenue. See how you can maximize your social media advertising investments.

Facebook and Snapchat poised to win the 5G Arms Race

5G hysteria is upon us. See what this means for marketers, consumers, developers and everyone in between.

H.E.C. Ads: Everything Advertisers Need to Know About Facebook's New Special Ad Categories

As of July 2019, Facebook is adjusting the way in which they manage housing, employment, and credit ads as they continue to focus on ways to protect users from unlawful discrimination.

How Southeast Toyota Drove Success Through Social Campaign Automation

Southeast Toyota partnered with Unified, a Preferred Marketing Developer, to use its real-time social media marketing platform to scale and automate its ad spend across 166 dealership pages, resulting in a 200-hour decrease in marketing man-hours per week spent running the campaign.

VICE Efficiently Optimizes Thousands Of Ads On All Social Channels Using The Unified Platform

VICE Efficiently Optimizes Thousands Of Ads On All Social Channels Using The Unified Platform

How Lexus’s Highly Personalized Approach To Facebook Video Gassed Up Engagement

With the help of Unified’s Automation Engine, Lexus was able to deploy +1,000 personalized videos to create 4,000 Ads and reach over 11.2MM people nationwide. Learn more in our Case Study.